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Grilled salad of courgette, chicory, basil and mozzarella from 'The Natural Cook'

The umming and ahhing is over. The decision has been made. Our house is now officially on the market and we’ll soon be leaving the sticks and heading back to the big city. 988 more words


Frederic Chopin - Krakowiak Op.14: great compositions/performances

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Frederick Chopin – Krakowiak Op.14

Grande rondò da concerto.


Canale di TempodiClassica… 57 more words

Poco e Molto

In quantità ridotta o in numero limitato

Direttamente contrapposto a poco, indica quantità notevole

In questo ultimo periodo mi sono ritrovato spesso a pensare a queste parole.

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Pensieri Sconnessi

WPF Binding with POCO's - Works !!!!

As a XAML developer we feel that if we wont use NotifyPropertyChanges or dont implement DependencyProperties the binding wont work properly .

But to amazement , it does work perfectly fine with… 677 more words


Grabowska Bringing the Second World In

“I argue that bringing Eastern European space into transnational feminist debates stretches the boundaries of existing postcolonial frameworks because it requires accounting for colonialism within Europe and forces a reconceptualization of the directionality and ideology of the colonial gaze. 51 more words

Cavanagh Postcolonial Poland

kw: Second World

“Discussions of imperialism and culture must surely take into account that intellectuals of the Second World view their present in postcolonial terms.” 84… 257 more words

Said Orientalism Intro


  1. indeed my real argument is that orientalism is- and does not simply represent- a considerable dimension of modern political-intellectual culture, and as such has less to do with the Orient than it does with ‘our’ world 12…
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