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Comics Weekly Podcast!

Be sure to check out my show for this week! I’m talking about the Age of Ultron trailer.


Podcast #5: Character, part 1

Following on from the last chat about plotting, here’s the first part of a conversation about writing characters in fiction. Enjoy!


FMP Bowcast Episode #191 Add Some Hawg To Your Bone

In this episode, brought to you by Hunt Strong, Kenny is joined by Jay Tucker from Bone Hawg. Listen as they go over the use of mineral sites to better increase the size and health of the deer on your property. 7 more words


What Day is it? Show Day!

Once again today is the day Nikki and I put together a show for you, the listeners using our voices to entertain with news articles that go unreported or unnoticed.   86 more words


Episode 03: Secret Origins

Where we talk about our first meeting and how that led us all the way to starting our own podcast (for some reason we waited until the third episode)and, as it usually goes, we spin off into all manner of other conversations; ranging from movies (yet again) to YA novels to comic books. 12 more words

Really Though?!

ep7. Kilimanjaro- part 1: Before the Climb

Man! What an adventure!

This episode is : LN’s adventure of climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. Part 1- “Before the Climb”.

All sorts of anxiety, how I picked the tour company, what questions I asked, packing list, itinerary, my inner thoughts, etc. 27 more words