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Way Past Bedtime #109: Back amongst the pack.

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109: Back amongst the pack.

Gordon is stoked because he finally managed to get the podcast back on iTunes. 67 more words

Podcast Episode

The Podcast: Best Friends Finish Each Other With "Friendship" Moves

And that’s not even the most “That’s what she said…” title I could have used…


Welcome folks, and thanks for tuning in to our 52nd episode. 60 more words

Podcast Episode

PW197: TV News & Feast/Dance Tandem Read 12

Happy Thanksgiving to our U.S. listeners! and….

Spoiler Alert! After the news section of this podcast, which is TV only friendly, the podcast discusses a tandem read of George RR Martin’s A Feast For Crows and A Dance With Dragons. 108 more words

Podcast Episode

Episode 062: Pyramids of Mars

“In my presence, you are an ant, a termite. Abase yourself, you grovelling insect!”

So once again Sutekh’s arrogance management classes fail to deliver and he’s left in his sub-Saqqaran tomb for a few more centuries, waiting for another gentleman caller. 107 more words

Doctor Who

HFDP025: S4E09 "There's Something Else Going On"

Spoiler Alert! This podcast discusses the most recent episode of Showtime’s Homeland S4E09 “There’s Something Else Going On”. If you haven’t seen that episode and don’t wish to be spoiled, then come back and listen after you’ve caught up! 58 more words

Podcast Episode

Way Past Bedtime on Itunes

Well, after my old webspace went down it took my podcast with it, and by the time it was back up and running I couldn’t get it back into Itunes, subsequently losing a lot of listeners. 78 more words

Podcast Episode

PW196: Rewatching S3E03

Spoiler Alert. This podcast is watching Game of Thrones Season 3 in the context of being current with the series overall. If you are not current, this podcast might spoil you of future events, so catch up and join us! 43 more words

Podcast Episode