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Episode 50 - 8/27/14



TitanFall Tuesday veteran Spivey joins Matt and Chris to discuss birthday cake, PAX Prime, minion pyramid schemes, buying Diablo III multiple times, and Seattle football end zones. 34 more words


CTR Podcast with Brett Quintyne: 8/27/14

We’re back!

Thanks to all your support last year, we decided to bring back the C-Town Rivals podcast with Brett Quintyne. Each and every week we’ll be talking about Chandler prep sports and alumni athletic news. 133 more words


99% Invisible

Design, design, design. How does it shape our world? What goes on in the background every day? If you like to stare at pretty signs way too long, if you like architecture in a modern or historical way, if you appreciate the influence of good design in society, then this podcast is for you. 213 more words

Interview 15: Darrell Hamamoto

On this week’s edition of Real Politik James is joined by University of California at Davis Professor Darrell Hamamoto, whose recent scholarly research project has culminated in the new book, … 186 more words


"We are God's Workmanship" Colossians 4:7-18

What kind of passion has God placed in your life? Who or what are you passionate about and what are you doing about it? What is God stretching you toward? 8 more words