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Podcast review: Ask an Atheist

Ask an Atheist is a radio show, also distributed as a podcast.

It is produced by the atheist community in Tacoma, Washington – not far from the Canadian border. 255 more words


College Problems Podcast: Awkward first classes & naive freshmen

Sexual violence and messy roommates. Unpaid internships and underbutt shorts. Racial microaggressions and the Freshman 15.

College life is filled with an unending stream of serious issues, lighthearted frustrations, significant events and viral trends. 364 more words


Charbonneau's season finale - biggest bombshells yet?

This coming Tuesday the Charbonneau commission, a public inquiry into allegations of corruption in Quebec’s construction industry that some have described as the province’s favourite reality television series, resumes for what is supposed to be its final session. 214 more words


Cultdom Episode 269 - Doctor Who 'Into the Dalek' Review


The Cultdom Collective Podcast

Cultdom Episode 269 – Doctor Who ‘Into the Dalek’ Review

Doctor Who ‘Into the Dalek’ a Cultdom Collective Live Review. Doctor Who Series 8 Episode 2 (Spoilers!) Note: Some time given over to ‘Deep Breath’ reviews from members who missed last weeks call. 36 more words


Episode 12: Harpies and Healing -or- Crones and Cures


The journey through the darkened cave city of no good times continues! What will they come across? Well, you should probably read titles better, shouldn’t you? 25 more words



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Episode 22 - Space is His Jam

On this episode of Life Lessons, Colton, Jon and Jay cover Chapters 26 and 27 of the manga. In which the Odd Jobs trio win a free trip to outer space and Gintoki reunites with an old friend. 66 more words