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Why #Podcasting Can Be Better Than Other Forms Of Marketing

Are you familiar with the online marketing strategy of podcasting? This is something that is truly revolutionary, and using it in your business will prove to be something that is worthwhile. 591 more words

How to Make Your Articles Come Alive - Literally! #Podcasting

As a marketer you should always be on the lookout for new ways to market your business or products. Article marketing should always be in your Top 3 as writing high-quality articles with a back link to your website, blog or sales page has the potential to bring you an enormous amount of traffic. 483 more words

Creating A Podcast - Will My Business Benefit? #Podcasting

Podcasts are a challenging form of marketing as they rely upon building a fan base through content that is both informative and interesting. These are sound recordings, so you don’t have the benefit of showing pictures or allowing customers to read something at their leisurely pace. 555 more words

2 Things You Need To Make A Podcast

Have you ever created a podcast before? Was it something that was new and exciting for you? If not, then more than likely the problem was with the “setup” of creating your podcast. 565 more words

Podcasting And Audio-Its Use Within Digital Marketing

As an internet marketer you know that content is king in the world of digital marketing. The more valuable your content is, the easier it is for you to create consumers. 451 more words

PSA: New Microphone on its Way!

Just in case anyone is wondering why there hasn’t been a new episode in awhile, I wanted to let y’all know (yes, folks, I’m Southern today) that I recently purchased a new podcasting microphone that is currently winging its way to my doorstep. 163 more words


The Making of Couch Podtatoes

I’m taking a page out of Syp’s book today, where he discusses what actually goes into the making of the Battle Bards Podcast. I found it interesting because there are a number of things that we have in common in the process, but there are some bits that differ. 1,013 more words