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Local Pulse 2014-10-25

Local Pulse on WNBP – Show #56

Local Pulse airs on WNBP Newburyport. Joe DiBiase talks about the news, views, arts, and food in the area every Saturday morning at 9:00… 84 more words


CG Podcasts! Intro-About Me!

Hi everybody, and welcome to the launch of Podcasts, a series of audio episodes designed to give you tips and tricks to the CG world! Podcasts, are designed to educate, and give you a chance to interact with me! 28 more words


Polyamory and Personality Type

I want to do a study on Personality Type and polyamorous people. For years I have been performing personality workshops. I have a feeling there are several personality types that would gravitate toward or away from polyamory. 80 more words

Recording Episode 2 today!!

We are recording episode 2 of Poly In The Cities this afternoon! Our goal is to get it up this evening.

Stay tuned!


NotAnEpisode - Dracula Unedited

We watched Dracula Untold, then tried to salvage the utterly ruined evening by recording a podcast wherein I mispronounce “caricature”, Marie talks about bad anime shows, and Cory is confused. 37 more words


Lesbian Talk Episode #76: Totally 80's Aliens

Join your favorite lesbians as we discuss our favorite (and not so favorite) aliens, why Hagan secretly wants a parasite, my love affair with ET, and what movies I really should have seen by now. 30 more words