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Lesbian Talk Episode #80: We Never Want Figgy Pudding

Happy Holidays, audience! Join Hagan and Omega as they hash out the best and worst of Christmas specials throughout the ages, such as does Gremlins count? 30 more words


Stepkids, using alcohol to cope, overweight girlfriend

On this talk show:  Pastors Felix and Raul answer tough questions from listeners, including…how to bond with a stepson…plus, how a wife should deal with her husband’s alcohol problem…plus, handling your concern about your girlfriend being overweight…plus, must a divorced husband discuss the reasons for his divorce before the congregation? 12 more words


Hit or Miss: The Serial Podcast S1 Finale [Poll]

Serial was a phenomenon. The last episode of season 1 was highly anticipated, and is now available for download. We simply ask, was it a hit or a miss? 10 more words

Adnan Syed

Really, Sarah Koenig?

I’m going to give my thoughts and reactions to the NPR podcast, Serial. If you listen to the podcast and you haven’t finished it yet, I guess I should tell you that you shouldn’t read this post in fear of any “spoilers.” The show recently ended, and by recent I mean earlier this morning. 1,967 more words


Quicktake: Serial S12E1 Part One

Jason and I are both big “fans” of the Serial podcast. We are both going to present our thoughts on the final episode. I’ll go first.  456 more words


PODCAST: Hold up! "Ghost"


Hold Up! Episode 4: “Ghost” / hosts: Matt Dundas & Kevin Connor / length: 27 minutes

“This is a film about responsible banking … It’s a battle between two one-percenters: a one-percenter who’s alive and a one-percenter who’s dead.” 29 more words


serial podcast

I came across this podcast at work, my supervisor told me to give it a shot and I’m so glad she did. It’s a story about… 342 more words