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Blue pt. 2

My deepest fear is that
I may die regretting
Never having looked up (to anyone)
As much as I should have.


Temporary Storage

Is a reflection of me
Everyone I know
All the souls I breathed
Every dream they have dreamed
Everything they have seen
All their steps, their thoughts… 73 more words



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Daniel P. K. Ng

The fire has been lit, awake then to its burn,
What had been dull to taste, now a lively turn. 24 more words


The time is now

Do it.
Do it right now.
Miss the morning traffic
And catch that early flight.
Walk as many miles as your feet allow
And then walk a bit more. 55 more words


as she stepped into complete darkness, her shadow followed suit, disappearing; it was only then that I visualized her sophisticated illusion


Haiku: 'Twenty-Three: Last Few Remaining!' By Graeme Sandford

Wanted (Haiku) Ads

Wanted: Big tallboy;

Must have GSOH

And own step-ladder.

For Sale: Three blind mice;

You have to see them running -

Farmer forces sale. 268 more words


An Ode To My Sandwich

By most measures
you are a bad sandwich.

Your bread is cork,
your filling is industrial ooze
and your flavour combination
alarms the tongue.

You are a lunch insult, 33 more words