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Green Grass

Fair thee well, green grass
How I have loved thee
It is no wonder I sit on a stone
In a field of green

I can pluck you no more… 42 more words


Think of the People of Gaza

I need you to think of the people of Gaza

When raising your hands in prayer, think of the people of Gaza

When lowering your head in sujood, think of the people of Gaza… 109 more words


poem 204/365:2014 | In case your forgot I can go long...

some tell us

like it is

others tell us

what it is


who take words

and make vision clear

…or foggy

—make you eat… 190 more words



If I ride the unwavering tides
will I reach the places I like?
Go there where no one has been
dance with the wind,
make love with a queen. 113 more words


To the Poet

Bind me with your words
Colorful letters on page
Bare your soul to me


A while ago I put up a half joke of a post… 601 more words


Eating the dead

Smells like you’ve been eating dead folk again
The glaciers are going to melt in 3 days
The butterfly sanctuary in my stomach is over populated… 113 more words