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After forty years
none of these will have a meaning;
Your face will be full of wrinkles
your hands will shiver
your smile will wither… 198 more words


That day life took a new turn...

That day life took a new turn
It was a starry night with full moon
She looked terrified being chased by a goon
When I first saw her during my return… 146 more words


Indigenous Song for America

Indigenous Song for America

(In response to I, Too, Sing America , a response to I Sing America ).

Am I not also America?

Am I not a dancer on stage? 190 more words


love making memories

I still remember the delicate intricacies of your face as you lay positioned on top, looking crazed at the sight of my gaze. a sexual subject impossible to be taught, images like these, they remain engraved unashamed in my thoughts, wether you wish for them back is irrelevant, as i’ve stored them away with intentions un malevolent, in the deepest parts of me and they’ll never be bought, by any soul; between you & I


Slow Deep Breaths

Long exhales.

Bonded struggles

By the shore alone.



Killer kickers
Knocking .
Knowingly kissing
Kind-napping kindness.


Acidic Dreams

That night, we laid on the stars

Bathed in darkness and fed off light.

Smoke drifted across the sky while

My heart pulsated within my fingertips. 89 more words