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Darling, take me back to January,

where swarms of butterflies stirred.

Where hearts racing to be close,

like a magnetic field were lured.

Then take me back to February, 202 more words


Thirty. And counting.

Around this subject we’ve floated
And even sugarcoated
But the fact is, this needs to be said:
Your twenties are spent
Your youth’s been and went… 165 more words


Scenery of Summer

Glinting bike wheels over hot pavement

Melted icecream on dark sand

Stilled as icey lake water

Rippling feaheres of birds

Ruffling wind through grass

Dreaming under whisps of clounds… 11 more words


Verse-Virtual August issue is out!

Five of my poems were selected for this issue… go check it out here: http://www.verse-virtual.com/trish-hopkinson-2014-august.html. All the work is really great, check out the rest of the poets as well and feel free to send them your comments. 12 more words



Blessed is the breath
that swirls the dust in the closed up room.

Unflinching is the history
in things of navigation-
but now the scope unfunctioning, 25 more words


You are enough

You are enough

Gather yourself
You are enough
No more, sweetheart
No more waiting
No more anticipating
The signs, the love
The universe has spoken. 132 more words



It’s 2 am
I’m wise awake.
The house is silent
The air is freezing.
I know this feeling is far too familiar
I can’t close my eyes because I know they will open again. 51 more words