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Riding the Wave of Gratitude


Riding the collective wave
of gratitude awareness
that many of us shared today,
I opened my journal
and jotted down a few things… 118 more words



I was asleep
when the earthquake
hit. It was the
first time
my mother told me
I could sleep through

She said the cupboards… 48 more words

Poem A Day

Expand Into the Infinite Awareness of Now

You don’t have to wait.
Just do it.
It begins with the idea
then a breath
then a step
Breathe your arms up
then bow to the earth… 110 more words


Evening, November

I don’t love conflict
of any kind, or

crying while I do the dishes
Look how the despair is softening my hands!

or how my inner gray is twinned… 40 more words

Come Back Home

Today so much thought
was given to the near miss
I recently experienced,
in which I was preparing myself
to invest $2000 in an online program… 408 more words



You were standing
over my bed looking
down at my sleeping form.

Is it because I hadn’t
dreamt you in a while that
you came crawling home? 141 more words

Poem A Day

Back to the Drawing Board

Upon further research I discovered
that the business school I mentioned last night
is not what I thought it was.
There is some disappointment,
but mostly relief, 250 more words