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Like a Good Neighbor

Impromptu date night.
My sister had watched the kids while I taught yoga earlier in the evening,
and she was willing to stay so that mommy and daddy could go out. 318 more words



He has
a good chin,

the right kind
of cheek bones.

I like
his eyes too.

I’d like
to catch them
before he
skips town, 30 more words

Poem A Day


My work schedule has been out of balance for quite some time.  I have been missing my family, missing my husband, but wanting to further establish myself as a professional yoga teacher; priorities were skewed.   430 more words


Slowing Down

And why was I running anyway?
Why do any of us run?
How did we get so speeded up in the first place?

When I slow down, 974 more words


Prompt #35 (Only a teeny bit late) : Kenneth Koch on Beauty

Inspired by a great article (by Heather Altfeld at the North American Review) on the challenges of teaching poetry and teaching beauty, I came here to re-post said article and realized I’d forgotten to post poetry prompt #35 this past Sunday (July 20). 270 more words


Just When

Let’s not fool ourselves–
Life will not wait for us to wake up;
Life will not wait for our genius to be expressed.
We must take life into our own hands, 356 more words


Sky's Clouds

ೋღ ♥ ೋღ

As sky’s clouds float gently along,
The whispering breeze sings her song.
The scent of flowers wafting past
Brings back sweet moments clung to fast. 82 more words