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Relaxing Into Contentment

Slow down,
please slow down,
and take a deep breath.
Take another deep breath.
Now look.
Do you see what lies before you?
Look again. 1,608 more words



It is nighttime,
and the music of crickets
melds with the obscenities flowing out of my neighbor’s mouth.

Summer in Baltimore.

My body is tired, 101 more words


Terms of Endearment

I didn’t mean
to call you baby,
but there is some
thing in the way
your body slumps
onto mine, something
about your long
thin arms holding… 40 more words

Poem A Day

Prompt #36 : On Time (and Poems on Time)

While thinking about how to get this prompt posted on time, it occurred to me that time is one of the central organizing themes of poetry (and of art) — … 332 more words


A Letter from Yesterday

Dear Lorien,

July 26, 2014 here. ¬†Why didn’t you write during this, my day?
I waited for you, and I waited some more.
Waited for words to give me meaning. 79 more words


Like a Good Neighbor

Impromptu date night.
My sister had watched the kids while I taught yoga earlier in the evening,
and she was willing to stay so that mommy and daddy could go out. 318 more words



He has
a good chin,

the right kind
of cheek bones.

I like
his eyes too.

I’d like
to catch them
before he
skips town, 30 more words

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