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One second

You have one second to explain
The trees the grass and the rain
To someone who’s never felt the pain
Of everything gone.

There is a time and a place… 60 more words

Don't Worry Be Happy

state fair

fried food on a stick
eaten in front of animals
that are not yet food


Stuck In Utopia

Another competition entry.. This time a college event (Media Meet ’14).

Instilling in us, a sense of loyalty,
The nation grapples for an unblemished surface. 118 more words


If Loving You Is A Crime

I painted my soul black

You coloured your hair red

I watched as you walk

Tilting my head

I want to tell you what I need… 131 more words




Through the misty cover of the surface effect,
The strums of lazy guitar and soft, stifled coughs.
The vape gives up its cloud of forgetting: 172 more words


You Can't Hide Dork

Oh dear,

did I just say that?


I stink at chitchat.

For such

a quiet and silent one

my foot’s

in my mouth a good portion. 117 more words



You could laugh if you wanted to.
You could stop crying if you wanted to.
You could walk away if you wanted to.
You could fill your room with the smell of fresh peonies. 90 more words