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she thought by now
if you were to take
a piece or picture of her heart
between the breaks and lines and fissures
there'd by a map… 204 more words

#Poem Sanctus

I carried a pebble from my Cardiff garden
to the Lady Chapel, St David’s Cathedral,
and hid it in a small hollow, south wall.

Madly, I snapped… 63 more words



Petals raining down in the fall.
Leaves falling in the spring.
The world is topsy-turvy.
And out.


there's no place to call home

there’s no going back they said
speaking omnisciently
from their holier than thou prophecies

their interstellar ambitions
went far beyond
conceptual matter
went far beyond anything… 60 more words



Please dress me in my three-piece midnight black
To suit me for this funereal occasion;
It’s apt to bury for it shows the lack
Of colour from my life’s bright inclinations. 93 more words

Michael McGuire

Under a Rising Moon

We walked along dim-lit streets
in the evenings after dinner
hoping against hope.

We lingered in alleys
stopped just short of roads
found ourselves on top of parking ramps… 41 more words


an unpleasant attitude

i laughed at the stranger

his danger and his pride

i wanted to talk to the felons

write to prisoners

and luv the man who tanned my hide… 41 more words