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We just did a poetry unit at school and we had to write a poem that started with “so much depends upon”. Here is the onece I wrote. 35 more words

Panic Attack

In the mirror is a mirror of a mirror of a crystal ball holding all of your secrets
your futures your tea-light memories burning into wax into something… 173 more words

Creative Writing

Chimera - "According to a Regular Day"

PROMPT: Chimera

The chimera of Homeric legend – lion’s head, goat’s body, treacherous serpent’s tail – has a less foreboding Oulipian counterpart. It is engendered as follows. 335 more words

Found Poetry

Take me away

Take me away,
Rip my heart apart,
Why dont you just leave,
Leave me alone,
Go, go, go,
Go, go, go,
Your own way,
Far away frome me.. 80 more words

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Falling in Uncertainty

I’ve surrendered to gravity
And it’s taking its toll
I’m falling
But the problem is
I can’t tell
If I’m falling in love
Falling behind
Or falling apart


Every time I curl

my fingers over the keys,

there’s the curious cat.

National Poetry Writing Month
30 poems in 30 days


Slips through
A crack in the east
And stretches
Rose-hued fingers
The pastel sky
Smearing reds and pinks
And orange
On Wednesday’s face… 7 more words