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For Him

The air still

The night black

Only a beam of headlights from the distance

Up the driveway, backwards

To a woman awaiting his arrival

The car door opened… 83 more words


Scribble your heart away!

Earlier I’d written about one’s personal diary – My Black Diary. Personal Diary is a person, rather than a thing who’ll remain a good and faithful friend for life. 321 more words


I want to be an optimist

I want to be an optimist,
I want to smile everyday :)
I want to be so happy
That when people look they will say…

‘That guy there looks happy’


Ronovan's Weekly Haiku Challenge #15 - Promise & Gift

Written as part of the Ronovanwrites Weekly Haiku Challenge.

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Poem by Amanda Tumminaro


I will concede she had the upper hand
at first (or always), but pronounce my
last name like a crackling fire or that degree is wasted. 290 more words


Sections of Fog Coalesce

by Neil Fulwood

Almost forgotten on waking, it begins
piecing itself together as I stumble downstairs
and coax hot water out of reluctant taps. 178 more words


Frank Sinatra Fell In Love With Me...in my dreams!

Last night I had a dream in which Frank Sinatra was pursuing me…romantically.

In my dream I was my current age…let’s just say “middle-aged.” Ol’ Blue Eyes was looking not too young and not too old, and he was lookin’ good. 331 more words