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The Cheap Muse


If an occurrence of choice he gets

He desires a memory to come alive

In conquest of finding a moment captured

He sat looking for an idea settled in his mind… 182 more words


holes of houses

your presence sets off alarms rejuvenating life in a home full of holes

left wondering what to do



That One Boy

Dear you,

Each girl has that one boy
She will never lose feelings for.

For me,
That one boy is you.
Always been you.

talk to me, society

talk to me, society 

with your face full of dirt

give me a reason

that my will is to be broken

rearrange the world to focus stress on me… 87 more words


Somewhere Over The Rainbow

In childhood we heard her.

Somewhere over the rainbow

She sang,

And for a time

We were.

And, whenever we’ve heard her since

Singing that most magical song… 43 more words


Spaces Between Seconds

Tick tock goes the clock

Seconds slipping away

Reassuring heartbeat it mocks

June before July, never the other way


Holding onto time

Is grasping water… 90 more words