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The Only Way

My papers fly
towards the sky
could not stop them by
see them with sigh
Oh! my papers I cry
they are precious I vie… 25 more words


the big tall man

the big tall man casts a shadow

and in that shadow is comfort



No More

Deafening screams heard within the house,
As the abused woman feuds with her spouse.
Sex, money, children – No one knows.
This time she will tolerate the annihilating blows. 56 more words


there'll be time for that later

she began noticing everything in her world was manilla-colored. her skin had turned manilla, the bare mattress on sheet-changing days… manilla. the very air filling that room. 76 more words


The scent of the sea
Floats past on the wind
I wish I were there
Instead of here with you


Poem: Life's Deceit

Life’s Deceit

There never was

They’ll never be

A purer form of life’s deceit

You’ll wake tonight

And all you’ll see

Is plague caressed, morality… 76 more words