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You are beautiful as You are.


Your fever will die away and I’ll be close to you. Don’t feel disquieted about the thorns that swell in your body, because I am staying here to change the way you see your garden. 52 more words



We left our boat in the shallow waters.

The green stream of the unknown, insulated

compounds of the ocean we sailed across.

The fucking bridge stole the fucking paddle. 199 more words

love gravity

for space moments
she turns gravity
in on itself
and pulls at
me, from every-
where, all at
once. as if the
center of all… 28 more words

... Poetry ...


Give me a grassy clifftop by the sea.
Give me the sun.
Give me a distant acoustic guitar
And the smell of sun screen.
Give me my dog against my leg… 12 more words


Am I

I recently stumbled upon this poem I wrote about a year and a half ago for a class assignment. It resonated with me both because of how relevant it is to my life now and because how it shows how much I’ve grown since then. 277 more words


Poetry Spotlight

If you don’t know who Megan Falley is, you’re missing out on life. I had the honor of taking an online writing course with Megan at the end of last year and it was one of the best decisions of my poetry career. 216 more words


On A Bench

I see you on a bench

After rain has drenched

This busy land

You’re beautiful, and

 So I build the courage to talk to you… 36 more words