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On a Virginian Mountaintop with Honee Bea

The winds rip a scream from my throat and bounce it out to the steep valley.
You, brave one, slowly slide to the mountain’s edge bracing the beating breezes. 44 more words

Creative Writing


I lost my head since yesterday,
And I keep thinking of you.
I was displaced, felt no embrace
Yet I always knew…
What am I going to do, 62 more words

It’s All One Thing #65: This Winter

This Winter of decay and defeat and death
stuck in middle age, crisis of dark age
stuttering renascence, late renaissance
always just beyond the horizon of this lowdown… 269 more words


Dame Nature to Man

By Christina Foskey

Fingers follow trails
through street shoulders
of cold snow, abreast
where I provide a calm
to barren hearted men.

Wadding bodies of water… 91 more words


A Cyclical Disaster

In the end
The water came back.
It washed up on shore
And ran back
The way it came.
A cyclical disaster.


Bound to Pain

She is bound by her pain,
Struggling in the shadow of deceit
That spins the spools of chains
Crushing her, into herself,
She is bound, to the pain stalking her.


The replacements

Hi! We heard your pee-cee broke.

It puffed blue and just went “croak”.

You have a warranty and it just woke,

We’re your pee-cee replacement folk. 149 more words

Peopley Story