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Standing alone on lonely roads,
Too small and short for anyone to note,
This is my story which never grows,
Because there is nothing else a milestone shows. 267 more words


A Ghost

Searching, searching

Trying to find you

Crab you

Catch you

“You cannot catch me,”

You say, “I am too quick for you”

Seeing you in my dreams… 97 more words


poem: the distance

go the distance
that extra mile
give what you can
take the journey
ride the train
go together
resist alone-ness
end up loved
never forgotten

(c) james1211plussubs


I used to believe

I used to believe that people should be given a second chance
But now I know that some people need more

 I used to believe that fairy tales came true… 102 more words


poem: old cinema





They tore the cinema
down today
Leaving a space
Where children can play
All the games they’ve
Seen on-screen
Games that made the children scream… 81 more words


Out of Their Purview

Multi-national corporations poisoning your water via fracking greenlighted by a multi-national President, assisted by bought out cleptocrats of both parties, organized by sham advocacy and charity groups, and I’m the conspiracy theorist? 139 more words