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I smoke in my dreams with Marlboro girls

out-of-breath, we race our lungs into failure.

She is as pale as snow. Black, greasy hair. Full fringe,

full lips, full of dreams never pursued, 36 more words



Someone has whispered,
“Be better than him,
The skies he as mighty
The stars you must win.”

So through inexperience
I should march.
Towards rifles and cannons, 74 more words


Which one

If I leave, there shall be
No more late night calls
No more long drives
No more weekend movies
I’ll be the one that got away. 52 more words


When you are born into poison.

you have two options

become the poison, or

become immune.




Listen. I’ve been trying to talk to you, and not

Once have you replied to me. I think you

Need to at least give me a chance. 17 more words


the past

The past
it comes and it goes,
of timeframes,
of feelings;
it crawls
to surface
and recedes
but definitely noticed;
but if I were the past… 49 more words


Friday Philosophy

I read the following poem about ten years ago, and recently it popped back up in my memory. It’s been well-known since the 1970’s and you may have read it before. 338 more words