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Spoiled Once Spoken


Your boat is sinking.
Do you not see the water rising?
Your home is burning.
Do you not see the fire burning?

Dive off, jump off and I will save you… 174 more words

Gay Poetry

It's not You (A collection of peotry) Intro

“5 years of Nothing”

Sometimes it’s hard to let go of nothing.
Sometimes it’s hard to move forward with something.
Sometimes you don’t know if you miss what you’ve had… 76 more words


Words, words, words

We are becoming a throw away generation, instead of trying to come together as a nation, we are creating more life, and not bringing them up right. 406 more words


It Isn't Easy

I’ve made sure to count my blessings on the heads of your needles,
the ones you used to sew my woolen sweaters or our children’s baby clothes. 127 more words

The Winter Storm

The Winter’s Storm

The Christmas lights blinked like a vacancy sign around the tree.


Icy words beat on the bedroom door like December winds. … 57 more words


First Fruit

the fruit we split, dripped down
its sticky juices across our chins and fingers
sweet in the way it made our lips pucker and pulled… 9 more words


Osprey Calling

This September morning
I hear the osprey cry
The call of deepest yearning
As seeking for his bride

“I am here! Where are you?”
I hear him as he flies… 28 more words