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You reach the top.

You don’t like it there.

The ideal image in your mind is shattered

by reality.

In your journey to attain satisfaction, 88 more words



Batin terasa berat

Diperlakukan layaknya musuh;

Diperlakukan layaknya baru bertemu

Tatapan kosong tanpa perasaan

Bagai apa yang terjadi, tak pernah terjadi

Semuanya beda;

dari kenyataan yang PERNAH ADA; 34 more words


Better Off Than We Started - A Cheesy Country Type Song

“Be the one who nurtures and builds. Be the one who has an understanding and forgiving heart. Be the one who looks for the best in people. 292 more words


Here is a poem

It is black and blue and
polkadot too
it is round and a sound and a
rectangle too
there is not quite much this
poem cant do… 64 more words

Wouldn't it be lovely...

Wouldn’t it be lovely

To have a place to go

Where no one tells you right from wrong

Where you can shower at 2am

Where you can sit alone in silence… 65 more words


Winter Night

Cold skin and goosebumps.
Glowing core.

A blanket,
snug comfort
Heating limbs.

Numbness is replaced
With tranquility,
Security and warmth.

Shrouded in darkness,
It does not create fear, 32 more words


That Really Stung

i think about the small things and changes i’ve made
i think about the big events you’ve missed
and about how much time it took to pick out your birthday present… 51 more words