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Because You Never Gave Up

I see the golden twinkle in your eyes,

Because you never gave up.

Your hands are shaking

From many years of tool-making.

I press my cheeks to your wrinkled hands, 89 more words


Muddy Mornings

Muddy Mornings.

Despite the comparative enormity of the muddy lake spread out in front of me, I take particular notice of what looks like something between a tadpole and a frog. 423 more words


So, sorry to get right into it, but I worked late tonight and have to get to the teaching in the morning, so I’m just going to spill it. 316 more words

Midnight Snack

My heart is still, like a thief
stuck in a stranger’s house,
Daring not to move, to touch,
to breathe
for fear of the
inevitability… 70 more words


Ye - Old Poems 2007 II


Pen to paper, what a struggle
Eyes to light and feet to stumble
Nervous electric blood cells crumble
But I want to say something but then I fumble… 109 more words


It's a Miracle

When the morning comes to my door.
It’s a miracle the sun rays I saw.
The first light of the day
Warms up my heart, I’d say. 188 more words

Poetry: Maybe

Maybe there’s a reason why you
Forgot about me

Maybe it was the way
I was never okay
Or how
My hair was always messy… 41 more words