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Sand Castles

I found you today in little tiny pieces, I can see your heart’s a mess,
Contents all scattered about, it screams of profound distress,
You cry out to me, at your darkest, I hear you, every single word, 150 more words

[POEM] Trapped.

These 4 walls confine me
Imprisonment is inevitable
Pretty sure I’m going crazy
Oh God, this is terrible

Madness, I tell you
Sitting here all alone…

131 more words

Living Life

In which are the moments
When I will live my life
They are found in joy
And they are found in strife

Moments which are chosen… 80 more words


Beautiful Butterfly

Angelic wings whispering butterfly oh where do you fly is it high in the sky or a beautiful butterfly high in the sky let me see how high you can fly beautiful butterfly just how high can you Fly… 52 more words


Lightspeed skies

Lightspeed over the skies blazing trails of whiteness abundance of brightness ..
The wish is yours to make don’t speak it now close your eyes conceptualize let the mind concive a wish from the stars.. 211 more words


Love Ride

Step right up, step right up, Ladies and Gentleman, Boys and Girls you must be so big to ride this ride..

Watch your step watch your step ride goes around and around where your heart can be found its for the you to find the love ride of Life.. 216 more words



I whispered
To my shadow
“I am frightened,
Can’t you see”.
My shadow
Whispered back
“You stand in light,
Can’t you see.
You passed
Through the darkness,
You passed through
Without me.”