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You Wonder Why

Every night you cry
Wondering if your life matters.
Day by day the time pass by
You wondering if your life matters.
You live with no one at your side. 71 more words



I think of you,
When the shades of slumber breach.
Dreams disappear in wisps of smoke,
The reality of absence settling upon my mind.
A wide ford of distance, 32 more words


A Sacrifice Divine

A lamb upon a cross;
A sacrifice divine,
Your death so undeserved;
Your soul now bonds with mine,
A people so unworthy;
Made innocent of sin, 72 more words


Arms Reach

It was lost

and found

and soft hands

and down


all upset

and heartbreak

and false hope

and sounds


It was sweetness

and melody

and bitter… 36 more words


What do I want?

I want a quiet life

With no worries, no

Complications, no titanic burden

But, while I can keep my ears shut

And see the world in a sort of haze… 44 more words


Driving Directions (Des Moines)

Pack the car with new cds (choose to play them in descending order of the likeliness to give you a headache late at night: Icona Pop, Shakira (her new stuff), Fall Out Boys, John Mayer Live in L.A., a 2 disc-set.) 227 more words


Same But Different

Underneath we are the same
Our outside is just a look
Inside we are made the same
Come from the same place
Our cultures shape us… 32 more words