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Sketch 1: Water and Silt

Today’s poem can be found in my new collection or in accompaniment with John Spiers’ wonderful sketches.

My dad was a dreamer, a word that some people (not anyone here I’m sure) use dismissively. 269 more words


Loneliness Begins With You

Never one to search for it,
yet, there are those who
seek me out...

and tell me that they 
love me dearly,
maybe even 
spray it on a wall. 80 more words

They Just Wanna

I had many heart to hearts with teenage girls this week. It’s my favorite thing. ┬áMany of them don’t pick up on my old lady references, and yes, at thirty-three, I am an old lady to them, but here is one I dropped for one young lady, and I hope it helped: 429 more words

Grammy (Reverie)

I called down a dream of Grammy, she arrived on a Sabbath day, I turn and she’s gone, now what’s told, stays long, and sealed in what she did say! 364 more words


Timeless (Maps)

Age had crept up on her
Now the long wisdom of time hung gracefully,
french plaited over her shoulder
I could feel each dancing step of her silvery pulse… 61 more words



Music made me love God;
now I’m answerable only to Him!

I don’t care what religion He is!



Maybe we don’t see it, but we’re the same. Maybe we don’t feel it, but we’re connected. Maybe we seem distant and too far away, but whether we realize it or not, we are no different. 89 more words