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Are like the hot sticky digits
Of toddler tantrums
Face hot
And miserable
Mouth dry
Whether from screaming
Or crying
Or drinking
Or puking
And smearing those satanic… 18 more words



I see
Each letter
Each word
Each finger space
Each line that forms

I see them all
Only to read
Nothing at all.


The Day You Said

You paint the moon white; but I paint it black.

I wanted to write a letter to you, but somehow…

it…this…this letter’s written itself inside out again. 206 more words

Unlike Imagination

Like the morning sun, He shines His grace and mercy on you
Like the night’s blanket sky, He covers your faults
Like the beaming moon, He is your strength in times of darkness… 49 more words


I love lying under trees

I love lying under trees on grass still wet with dew, arms outstretched. Above me, the breeze runs its fingers through the branches and the tree sighs and lets go of a few unneeded leaves. 64 more words



The seconds
The minutes
The hours
Of the days
I fill

That are minutes
Minutes that
Are hours
Of the night
Never were meant
To be
So still.