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Standing by the door

I’m standing by the door,
Looking so far away.
These halls are silently empty
And yet I can see your face.

But I know that… 134 more words


Elemental by Tosha Michellle

The rip current consumes me.

Dragging me under in a rage,

I struggle against the tide.

Battling the demons of a water drenched mind.

Caught in a vortex of time, 130 more words


No Worry

No longer
do I have to worry
of waking
to the winter cold,
the frosty windows,
the fall of snow.
No, I have no worry
of the coming
winter cold.


Perfect Form

I’m sitting down sun-side, behind a cloud.
A molecule of culture’s cosmic will
Beneath the skin of histories repeating change.
Forever changing parts and roles but still… 85 more words


Dumb Joy

I watch my cat go up-side-down
Within his lazy stretch.
His body lolls unlike his head
Which harbours wakeful eyes.

I find myself in thoughtful stride… 40 more words



We are not like them, you and I.
We are compassionate souls.
We strive to survive.

Our hearts have been battered.
Our trust has been bruised. 90 more words



I put my hand out the window
as the car went around the corner
always, always, laughing now,
you opened your palm into the wind… 28 more words