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Eyes now
I do not
To be
The reason
You fill
With tears.



Focus on life there will always be problems in life. The person who makes it happen and tackles the problems head on the opportunity is only seen by the opportunist. 143 more words


The hope whisper

Whisper into the ear of fear “give up fear” make hope whisper in the ear of fear “give up” every time for eternity.

Make the whisper so loud it’s heard, around the world. 94 more words


A Reminder For Us

Question the doubts in your head
Mock the fears that try to control you
Curse the guilt in your lips while you speak
Rape the day off its temptations… 78 more words


Change of Hearts- Part 1

Nemius went upstairs, using his powers over darkness to sense the heartbeats all around him. Lueka was indeed up here, sweeping the cruel cold ground, just as the inn keeper said she was.  430 more words


Poem of the day - Slap in the Cornerstone

Slap in the cornerstone

Cheap tricking mixer, unable to bear the shambles.

Social isolator a predatory party animal rendition

Bartering emotion, on a needs be selfish notion… 102 more words

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