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You're my Pixelated Love

You’re my pixelated love.
Give you a wink, I’ll pretend you’ve seen it.
No monitor’s gonna block you, whom I think of.
How is it that in this frame, all of your charms fit? 296 more words

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Talking to Walls Feel Nice

Talking to walls feel nice.
I can lay my back against you
And throw weights around without a price.
Cool and silent, you look at me the same on cue. 248 more words

Poems And Lyrics

Affection - Lyrics I wrote aged 17!

You twisted a nerve,
consulted my curves,
swallowed some dirt,
smiled with grit in your teeth.

Swollen my soul, removed the black hole
delved into the sea, pearls of wisdom at your feet. 32 more words

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Daffodils - Lyrics I wrote aged 17!

Sitting on my windowsill,
Staring at those daffodils,
Watching as the sun shines down on me.

Hoping it’s gonna rain, to take my blues away. 57 more words

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