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Giant Gentle Pines

Oh, giant gentle Pines
You greet me at the gate
Stable in your structure
Patiently you wait.

Towering upright
Pointing towards your guide
Dignified, resolute… 57 more words



Hooves in dirt raise clouds,
dust hovers in the wheeling world;
when earth gallops, rain falls,
in evening’s turning distant stars,
white crystals burning, thrown; 20 more words


John of the Cross

I can’t explain this phenomenon,
how after merely reading John of the Cross,
there is nothing but calm water and soft lights -
gentle wind, quiet tranquility; how the turbulent passions, 70 more words


Daily Work of Art Day 11

Running around

             Or running away?

                Wishing for yesterday

           And tomorrow as well.

      Paving new roads

          To run away from the ones already made.

Regina Peralta


Tempting death
Is the soldier
Not found on his bed
But right inside the battle field
Dodging bullets and missiles
In a war not caused by him… 187 more words


Haiku - Vampiric Content

Blood satisfaction

Calming a wild raging thirst

Feasting on crimson


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Image of melt

Image of melt

Manage mink lovers from police to purgatory, boiled in battering apathy.

Teased from hiding to meet the for-saker, prisoner artefacts screwed to the skull, barely visible crystallised moment of biting revenge. 270 more words