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The Pollyanna Pulpit: A Poem


I’ve seen them…
Up there with their perma-smile and plastic hair.
I’ve heard them…
Placating sinners with vain words and Christless fanfare. 128 more words


Lost Soul

No matter the distance between us,

Both physically and emotionally,

You are always going to be there.

I’ve tried to stop thinking about you

And everything we shared and said… 168 more words


Corrimal Colliery

The veins are dry, the mouth set in concrete
the view from here is exceptional
southwards – suburbs, trees, lighthouse, steelworks
the galloping ocean, Asian-crewed ships… 139 more words



It isn’t their sharp tongue,

Their cutting words,

Their slicing tone. 

It isn’t their heated glare, 

That burns holes through me, 

That sears my soul… 100 more words


I look at you and want to feel nothing

Wanting is not enough

Because I still flashback to everything

And it’s not like the movies, nothing in slow motion

Nothing with clarity

Just fast fuzzy pictures and fingers peeling old scabs… 55 more words

Black Sheep

My blood is tainted

By their disgust.

I feel them cringe

In my veins and I can practically

Taste their disdain on my tongue.

Their eyes narrow at my presence, 39 more words

Black Sheep