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Within These Colours

When colors refuse to merge

And leave behind scattered silhouettes

Of all their whims and urges

And jagged regrets

Remember me then

For that’s when life forgets to fulfill your end… 75 more words



Social Networking Sites,

A ban or a boon?

Will it make this world a brighter place?

Or will it eventually lead to doom?

They create a fair illusion… 216 more words


A Spell for National Poetry Day

Here is a poem called Spell, which I re-post for National Poetry Day, as it celebrates the magic powers of language itself. I have written in a previous post about the ‘ 449 more words



a poem
that is peaceful
must be ordinary

as sun
on a petal


from Rio to Jamaica

to know her is to love her (but not like that)
like a green cat who claims the sunlight
and lets you share it: like that. 328 more words


Golden Virginia

village of labels & fonts, playing with
colognes, smelling like some popsicle disco
smelling like a male woman, rolling a cigarette
of Golden Virginia, when she stumbles past this scene… 299 more words


Englishwoman, black-haired, at the end of a cigarette

Length of gelignite at the end of a cigarette
Scythe of the Coast at the end of a cigarette
Jar of God Particles at the end of a cigarette… 44 more words