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Eating beignets at Café du Monde without regret at having saved none for you

Look under the chair for a cigarette I dropped
Hit my head on the edge of the table
Jump up and down on a tiny volume of Spenser… 304 more words


Adieu and not goodbye #octpowrimo

I sense the wonder in the air
The grey clouds lift, the dawn appears
Billowed bottom Stratus clouds
The pheasant cackles, sharp and loud

Gold and grey in dove and musk… 75 more words


sleep through it all

day on a moment

and how it was felt

and then it was the return

and how it was the catch

and how it was the soul of its own making… 42 more words


friday feeling

how are you the reason

and how it would rather

and how it was the first

and its own dire

and where it was the seem… 55 more words