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To my love

We are two or one?
Will never ever counted as none.
We are what we have to be,
But if we won’t be what we are? 36 more words


inquiry psalm

when it comes to humoring
by name
my memories
draw a blank.

I had a daughter
and three

my hands
could’ve been
the hands… 38 more words

Can't Spell "Sincere" Without "Sin"

Glad I escaped you unscathed.
Glad you were but a mere phase.
Because now, looking back
At the character you lack,
You were soon to be dancing on my grave.


Common Sense Solution

Common Sense Solution

Common sense? Ha! Obama has tons.
With sound thinking his brain has the runs.
He solves problems with ease.
He’ll control this disease… 14 more words


I rode in on rude
So kick it dude
I am not in the mood
for skanks or food……..



I knock….
no one answers
the door is ajar

I smell her perfume
I know where we are…….

…to go……


Wait, no time

I watch him dance as if electricity flowed
through his body from wires
that snaked round and round
the stage.

His face lights up with an open-mouthed… 154 more words