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Once Upon a Farmhouse-warming Campfire

Do you live in a little white farmhouse? Do you harvest the bounty of your labor in the fields? No, neither do I, and this is why we have friends…to live their lives vicariously–and occasionally show up with the third plate of hummus at the potluck and ask for a tour of the crops and step on one even though you were raised on a farm and know better and rock their hammock into the stars and flit between conversations where you can’t see anyone to know who’s there until you get near and then stay late listening to them play haunting night melodies around the campfire like you knew they could but rarely get to hear them do. 39 more words


XIX. I walk around as though I have lost the love of my life

I walk around as though I have lost the love of my life

As though he took his life as I slept beside him because I could not love him in the right way… 76 more words


What is life?

What is life?
At least get a wife
And some children
And damage your brain.

What is life?
Hindrances formed as a knife
And strikes in your heart many time… 89 more words


If only...

If her smile was a ray of sunshine
Then her laugh was the twinkling stars at night
If her eyes were a misty ocean
Then her hair was a cascade of light… 82 more words



You tell me what I can do
Because I am young and you are old
I know this is nothing knew
I do what I’m told. 107 more words



She sat on my finger and didn’t even cry. She was struggling to learn, I could tell, as she worked those pretty wings to fly. I had picked her up off the concrete today. 48 more words


Lit By A Matchless Match - haiku by Dennis Lange

Lit By A Matchless Match

Sky, water
Are both on fire with
Smoke between.


Sun retreats
But torches the world -
Parting gift.

——————– 47 more words