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Quito, Ecuador

Although I want to go to Ecuador to be on the Equator

I’m afraid to go to Quito because I don’t want to be eato by the mosquito

Waiting for Daddy

Daddy can you feel me
Do you know I’m near
I wished that I could be with you
To wipe away your tears
I know you’re hurting daddy… 67 more words


I Have Scars


I have scars that can’t be seen

Perhaps I met them in a dream

If you can’t see them

Then they’re not real

How I wish this was truth… 175 more words



Regale my gluttony with your gobbets of choler,
with gutters gorging alcoholic skies
lining Golgotha alamedas sprouting sconces,
succoring clockwork suicidal ideation,
thrashing Freudian hammocks affianced… 100 more words


Skin hunger

It starts in the small of the back
Travels to the pit of the stomach
Then the shoulders join the dance
Once there, I know what’s next — 41 more words



Imagine yourself
Alone in your head
You’re hanging, dangling
From a silver thread

Empty, alone
With the monsters within
Internally screaming
You just want to give in… 241 more words