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where you rode

how it seems

and how it all heard

then it was time

and where it came upon

and how it saw

something with miles

and many  sought out… 49 more words


just words played

heard a song

and imagine a moment

and things just went on and on

being excited

and how it thrived

and where it was wanted… 46 more words


joy with fear

one minute it seems

as if the world is being hugged

and embracing thy being

and the next its a moment

and a cliff hanger… 49 more words


accident words

things said in a rush

and how the angry

and the pride

came into a step

and made it feel

as it wanted

and then it was the soil… 43 more words


wonder rises

voices not in harmony

and blank is the expression

and funny at how it stares

and where it reacts

and what it must have known… 46 more words


weather it feels

how it masked

and  where it caused

and then it was the painted

and how it occured

and how it was

the conditions

and it was the after… 45 more words


thrown window

some people are happy

like a fast food meal

and others want a meal course serving

per smile and then its back to entitlement

and how it seeks… 49 more words