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mind talking about

feel free and have things

and do things that make you

feel normal and to the mood

and its tendency and the overall


where you been and what have you been about… 44 more words



On the perimeter where the cold descends it happens because of the mountain. As the sun rises on the eastern side the side away feels no sunlight. 132 more words



They hum in my head
I snatch to catch winging words
Bumblebees buzzing

Writings & Witterings

sitting by the side

all into the brick walls

and just off and drifting and having

something which makes the nerves

and the wonder coming along

and it has its own best drive… 48 more words


something looms

wait and see

and the easy to ectasy and its tone and feel

and the far behind and the meaning and matter

of where its at and its on the act… 43 more words


Before It Plopped on the Floor

A pillow of honey


at the bottom

of the jar

the silver spoon

slips in


As I Began To Love Myself

Tonight, I went to a local event for survivors (“thrivers”) of abuse; they would be partnered up with an artist or performer, who would create something based on a series of interviews with the thriver. 461 more words