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mindless addiction

love isn’t an object

that can simply be treated like a drug

until it’s wasted away into 

a mass of nothing.

it can be craved, yes, 62 more words



By Brian Andrade

“You have to believe in God, even just a little bit,” you told me. No response. You smile despite the tubes and wires implanted in your arms. 184 more words

Creative Writing

Dead Poets Society

I have lived more
Through the unchained voices
Of dead poets,

The imprisoned whispers
Of the living.


Visualizing in the Sand

I can’t do well at night 
Especially when i think you’ll leave
Do you love me? 

The Mind's Spinneret [Poetry]

I. a dream

in dreams, arachnids of imagination

swing back and forth

on silk pendulums of thoughts.

acrobats gyrating in the night

through unspoken words… 1,857 more words

Monica Torres

It’s just as if the world pulled to a halt
It stopped as you were speaking
Time still working
Shallow chatter
Pointless matter
Condescending you preach as I try to share… 65 more words