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Hans Christian Andersen's "The Galoshes of Fortune"


It was in Copenhagen, in one of the houses on East Street, not far from King’s Newmarket, that someone was giving a large party. 10,199 more words

The Prince Of Prophecy

Traveling with Shakespeare

Shakespeare, poet, historian, playwright one of the most widely read author to have graced the planet and one of my favorite.

Growing up my grandmother kept several… 434 more words


I'm Not Alone

I’ve been known
To ramble on
Because my mouth
Can’t keep up
As my thoughts
In a hundred different ways
Finding it hard… 132 more words


I Am Safe

Hold me tight don’t let me go

I am slowly slipping

I’m afraid of where to go

No one here to save me

Oh! But lo and behold! 32 more words


Find Your Inner Peace

Your peace lies within you

Untouched, unharmed

Available at all times

No one can take it from you

Unless you let them

Your inner peace is yours… 168 more words

Your Man

I may be
A little hard on myself
I hope you understand
It’s just me
The wrongs in me
That have to change
Now don’t get upset… 86 more words


I Found The Stone

I missed you when you left me

Your protection, your empowerment

Your shielding prowess

I searched high and low for you

Nowhere to be found… 87 more words