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Tall, dark haired, handsome,
Eyes burn when they look on me.
Ever in my heart.

© Emily Page


Sheets, poem (278/365)

Dear bed sheets,
You hypnotize me
Calming me
And putting me to asleep
You cling to me
I cling to you
Defend me from
Everything… 39 more words

365 Art Project

Interview With A Blog To Regret

Our today’s guest is 23 year old writer from Netherlands who runs a blog called, A Blog To Regret. She writes flash fiction, short stories and sometimes poetry too. 378 more words


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Writing Tip

Writing Tip: Do some short exercises to stretch your writing muscles. Many new creative writers find that doing the washing up or weeding the garden suddenly looks appealing, compared to the effort of sitting down and putting words onto the page. 45 more words

Creative Talents Unleashed

Addiction (Pain Killer)


Thoughts of you calm my anxieties
Like antidepressants without the terrible sides
The effects of you,
seen clearly in the dilated pupils of each eye’s smile, 73 more words

Lightening & Thunder.

The storm smashes into the earth like jars on cement,
Clouds begin to blanket the sun to clear a path for thunder to tread.
The rumbling of his yearning heart conjures the response of lightening. 57 more words


Ms. Deceit

At the switch of her hips,
they came running to her side.
She blew kisses with her French-Tips
inviting them for “the ride.”
Her affection-glazed-deceit made them smile, 69 more words