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Fierce Poet

To the fierce poet,
Who doesn’t know it
I carve these mingled words for you:

The moment your inked dancer swerves across a beautiful page, 78 more words

The Family That Writes Together.............

My poem of the day is from my son, who goes by the pen name, hic jacet. He is a freshman computer science major in college—a complete geek, science fiction nerd, but he has a talent for writing poetry. 199 more words

Alliterate the Feelings

The crevices and cracks of the canyon carved
Leave a light lingering so long
In my mind.
Forever forget forgiveness
It pushes people past their point. 16 more words


My mother made coffee for me.
I have had no sleep;
there is a storm surge
of caffeine and feelings
taking a wild course through my veins. 146 more words

[Poem] Slaying Dragons

Copyright (c) 2014 WallflowerAngel13, all rights reserved.

Last night I dreamt
Of something impossible.

I dreamt of slaying dragons,
Fighting crime,
Killing monsters,
Of you by my side. 89 more words

The mist appears and clears,
I suppose it makes it’s own decisions.
Not too far from my reach it seems,
I can extend my right arm and actually feel it. 64 more words


Every cigarette smoked alone
Is another opportunity lost
To burn my life away
Under your ashes and your smile.