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The Most Beautiful Part of Me

I can create a storm
From one teardrop
That was spent in haste.
I can reach for a garden
Obtain all the comforts
Get rid of the waste. 116 more words


Flooding The Quiet and Drowning The Weak


As I think back of my life so far the only constant thing has been 

Everything must change.

There’s a million people with a million ideas… 124 more words


Does that make me crazy by Bassey Ikpi

I first heard Bassey Ikpi’s voice during one of the Def Jam Poetry shows…it was clear as a bell and I felt an instant connection to her. 294 more words


Shhh, it's a (written for millions to see) secret...

I write poetry. Well, kind of poetry. Little poem things. I write it, them, whatever, a lot. No, like, a lot a lot.

Most people wouldn’t guess that. 216 more words

This Alive

What’s this ?
I just caught myself
Laid back
And relaxed
What is this?
I feel running
Through my veins
That isn’t blood
Pumping out of my heart… 57 more words


Coming Out

Sheet of paper shivers
while black ink testifies
to moth-eaten thoughts
flying out of the closet.

© Roxi St. Clair


A Chapter Of Our Story

He isn’t tall or well-built

We are of same height

Looking at him, I’m filled with guilt

For I keep hidden my true feelings for him… 84 more words