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She Buried Me

She buried me
Lace and
False memories
In order to
That which
She cannot


Yule Tree

Christmas is just a few days away and the New Year will quickly follow suit. I will be taking a short break from writing and will be enjoying the Holiday festivities with family and friends. 73 more words


With Less is More

by Trista Dominiqu

Those who have less, those who
come from the so called nothing,
tip better than those who come
from everything. Ask your waitress, 149 more words



Looooooove for the sake of doves

Flying in the air we park

Parallel so we never seen an arch

And our stories are never too cross and dogs are never to bark… 249 more words

Weekly Poem #93


Waiting for the ice to thaw,
The sun to rise, the crow to caw.
Then blood will move around my maw
And I’ll catch boulders in my jaw. 21 more words


The Hardest Word

We’ve been walking around with no aim, dream or goal.

Just hoping to trip upon a treasure map leading to gold.

Not the stuff that twinkles brightly or shines, 350 more words


Untitled Melody of the Year

They come across with emptiness,
Expressions and detonated love,
“If I tattooed my heart on your chest
Would you feel my soul beating?”
No connection fell between us, 70 more words