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I Fell In Love

I’ve had an obsession
With these words
Since I can recall
Although I hated
Speaking aloud
I wasn’t phonophobia
Pronouncing sounds
Was just hard
Years of speech therapy… 33 more words


Writer? Wanderer? Poet?

A fair question. Where do I get off making claims like this? Am I just another pretentious blogger/wanna-be-writer? A pot-head drop out who doesn’t know a thing about writing? 724 more words


Man of

Man of Shadows
Split in two
Death by the giver of life
The sun


Poem by Secret Genius

you may have choked the child
 but this family’s voice 
aint never gon drown

us of weapons made for death sentence
 still we bear our rights now thru lethal… 325 more words



Today I have fear
Fear of the unknown
Fear of the known
On my own
Taking a can of beans from a shelf in Tesco… 69 more words


Magic Fingers

She washed my body, as I lit the blunt
Control, you see; of the urge and the want.
Can’t help but to surrender, Her energies so good… 9 more words


Sorry Bruh

I go under fire
Because I tend
To forget
Some so called rules
Some uptight fool
Tries to tell me
Poetry is about the words… 64 more words