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Home Calling

Deep, deep, acred skies
Filling void
Touching eyes

Wide, wide ochred land
Feeling winter
Burning hand

Roaring, roaring coloured sea
Falling for Neptune
Coming for me

© Copyright Robin McShane – August 2014



And I’ll never believe

That they’re real,

These pictures of you

That are strewn around my floor

As long as I don’t believe that they’re real… 69 more words

But No One Ever Asked Me

If someone had asked me the best way to kiss a boy, I’d have laughed and suggested whiskey. Kissing is a strange act of habit, one that I don’t care to think too deeply about. 340 more words


The Way You Wan' it

It’s not important how
They receive it
It’s important that
You say it



Searching the earth in pursuit of something that I cannot find
It makes it difficult to get my desires when I am hence purblind.
I recently met a gallant, intelligent, gentle, loving man; 232 more words

There if Imagined

I wanna place
Where they touch light
Like we scatter sand