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Heart Talk

You are who you are
I am who I am
It seems we can’t find
A common ground
To agree and have a
Peace of mind… 137 more words


Perfectly Flawed By Blaque Byrd

Eyes that tell the story of
A thousand lies
Paints the picture of a memory
And our lives
Lips that speak the words
Hollow unto my ears… 125 more words


Shakespeare Piece of the Day: The Merchant of Venice (12/18/14)

Taken from the Complete Works of William Shakespeare

The Merchant of Venice



Ant. Well; tell me now, what lady is this… 480 more words


Nonage is the Shakespearean Word of the Day (12/18/14)

Nonage (n.)

Nonage means minority, period of legal infancy. Nonage is cited in William Shakespeare’s play Richard III (R3 III.iii.13). The second citizen says to the other citizens about prince Edward as a ruler: “in his nonage…No doubt shall govern well.” 17 more words



I know my being happy is an anomaly. No one knows me better than you. But I can say without avoiding your gaze, without crossing my fingers behind my back; or any other thing I do when speaking untruthfully – I am happy.

63 more words

The void

I’m beating at the walls,

biting my tongue

looking for some kind of relief – displacement,

to ease this intangible mess I’m in

this relentless feeling, 65 more words


The nature of obscurity

I’m sitting outside

It’s nighttime

and the air is filled with a calmness

that only the night can bring

Crickets create a chorus of vibrating hums… 85 more words