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Danielle (a performance)

Danielle run your ever quietess ways/ over the running fields of pettled days/ reaching the starlight in your eyes/ movements from the mountain top/ upon the sunlit hills/ fancy footing through the valley/ peeking upon the rise/ sunlight sitting on the high/ watching from the stars/ dance sweet Danielle/ ease the ways upon the blue/ breezy footed in tight strung shoes/ fray the left and twisting right/ décor at every turn/ a flurry of sweetness fills the space/ and you are the song it embraces/ Danielle/ show us the dance/ movements in every colored queue/ embracing your demeanor/ lifting you at the way/ showing you the momentous/ curving on every whim/ grace smiles upon your delicacies/ savoring the melting vision/ sifting into openness/ you move us all Danielle/ hold us through your sojourn/ carry us/ throw us/ and land us/ Roses are your breath/ applause is your grandeur/ dance Danielle/ dance.

- RAmccolley (c) 2014

"Poetic Cultivation"

Blinded to the see

There is a flood/
That one succumbs to/
In every ebb and flow/
Unseeing at the start/
It grows upon the way/
Blooms not there before/ 58 more words

"Poetic Cultivation"

Who am I

My drapery long to the bootstrap/
A click at every hoof/
Cuffs to the collar/
Puffed tie at the neck/
Buttons fall down to the waste/ 34 more words

"Poetic Cultivation"

Sometimes a warm hello

So the day she spread her wings/
Sighing high the afternoon/
Making for the shady eve/
Feathers of the singing croon/

Lights and shades of dark and light/ 65 more words

"Poetic Cultivation"

False Poets (learn to discern)

The slightest urge slithers in/
Not wanting the gaze/
Of a yesteryear potential/
Just discerning the evidence/
Of what they that chatter/
Chit chat chit chat/ 62 more words

"Poetic Cultivation"

Heavy Hearted

Emotional creeper/
On the jagged terrain/
Keeping the low/
Hiding the face/
Pacing the walls/
Running around squares/
Biting the toes/
Clawing the nails/
Still upon reflection/ 20 more words

"Poetic Cultivation"

A small instant -

Not so far the evening rolls/
Into the mist of stars/
Draining the day of it’s loft/
Avoiding wounded scars/
Descending the viral staircase/
Turning all the keys/ 12 more words

"Poetic Cultivation"