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Singapore Drama Review Poetic Justice

Poetic Justice (2012) 微笑正义

Genre: Action, Comedy, Romance, Crime

Enjoyment: 10/10  Pace: 9/10

starring Rui En as Liu Yanzhi (刘言之) and Dai Yang Tian as Fang Zhengye (方正业). 485 more words

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Collectively we are certain of one thing, change

My Thoughts


So I have a new hair style thanks to by boo Ava. I have never had a weave let a lone braids, so this is definitely a change for me. 118 more words



Hello humans!

Yep, I’m back once again. It’s the middle of summer and my favorite time of year on earth. After all, it’s so hot that it feels almost like home. 317 more words


Sábado de Sample: "Poetic Justice" - Kendrick Lamar Ft. Drake

Antes de que comience el sampleo de Any Time Any Place de Janet Jackson en Poetic Justice de Kendrick, suena una voz distorsionada que dice “Every second, every minute, men I swear that she could get it. 382 more words

The Best of Instagram Pt.2 7/7/14

Couldn’t help but laugh my ass off at this. Think about how many times you’ve seen some type of ratchet girl you hate post a picture like this on social media, knowing she’s expecting people to like the shit out of the photo and give her all types of recognition. 76 more words

Why YouTube Pranksters Deserve To Be Punched In The Face

I truly believe that the widespread accessibility of video technology has ultimately been bad for society. Maybe it’s because I live in the country with the most CCTV cameras on Earth, but the fact that everyone can record each other at any given moment with all the effort of pulling their phone out of their pockets makes me deeply uncomfortable. 1,045 more words