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Book Excerpt: Poetic Justice

To commemorate reaching the 40,000 views mark: Here’s one of the short stories from the book I’m working on…

Poetic Justice: Cydney My Wingman

“Nigga don’t approach her with that Atari, nigga, that ain’t good game, homie, sorry/ They say conversation rule a nation, I can tell/ But I could never right my wrongs ‘less I write it down for real/”-Kendrick Lamar… 1,511 more words


Old words with Beckham

January, 2008:

Walking next to him amongst the trees, I feel as if I am walking beside a god. His red body vibrant against the grays of the winter landscape, he is bigger, grander than his baby form could be. 352 more words


Poet's Corner Cafe: The Stillness of My Sorrow

It’s been a while since I’ve invited y’all to stop by the Poet’s Corner Cafe for some real knowledge exploration in the form of spoken word. 270 more words

Faith Simone


Just as the air condition is responsible for conditioning the air
My heart condition is a simple affliction of conditioning your heart
The joy your happiness brings me is all I need… 12 more words


Singapore Drama Review Poetic Justice

Poetic Justice (2012) 微笑正义

Genre: Action, Comedy, Romance, Crime

Enjoyment: 10/10  Pace: 9/10

starring Rui En as Liu Yanzhi (刘言之) and Dai Yang Tian as Fang Zhengye (方正业). 485 more words

Singapore Dramas


Collectively we are certain of one thing, change

My Thoughts


So I have a new hair style thanks to by boo Ava. I have never had a weave let a lone braids, so this is definitely a change for me. 118 more words