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Insatiable Fools...

Like ducks, they suck up wealth, gulping with little regards to the poor.

Like darkness, they attract light but powerless to overcome it.

Like mould, they dance with filth in their regale splendour. 178 more words


Somewhat pearl-like of a decoy
In this place you call a home
A dampened rapture to enjoy
In this place you call a soul
Smug shot eyes keep staring blind… 117 more words


The Woman With No Name

Let me tell you about the woman with no name…

She is not of this world, she is angelic she was made in the image of the love itself. 271 more words

Poetic Thoughts

Today's Poetic Thought...

Flowers for Patricia

Her tears are tragic
and overflowing.
The permanence of her pain
is undeniable.
Mysterious as the night sky,
her inconsolable eyes are stars… 72 more words

Poetic Thoughts


Sometimes life seems more than bug fixing
Sometimes life seems more than meeting deadlines
Sometimes life seems more than giving KT
Sometimes life seems more than writing code… 136 more words


Lord Give me Faith

Lord give me faith, help my unbelief, Sun stand still, Save these people I see daily.  These are the prayers I need to refrain.

For it is in my faithless, worldly, limited capacity, and flesh do I carry out Your works in vain. 103 more words


I Dare You

I dare you to take a step closer, closer to the reality that is Me
I dare you to look around and go to places you thought were out of reach… 91 more words