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One for the day...

Light Up

There is this light
that cannot be put out
only brought out

come, stand here
and let it shine
through you.


One for the day...

In the moment of truth

we realise

we have been lying all along.


January 18th, 2015

You can block him, you can ignore him, you can delete pictures of him but he will never burn away from your mind. His voice will sing in your ears and his words will tattoo itself on your skin. 117 more words


rant a bit

I was a brave girl
I guess I still am
I am sad…

do you remember – a movie idea
father asking a girl whether she remembers different memories they share… 127 more words

Poetic Thoughts

One for the day...

One Love

There is this place
untouched by worldly woes
that is
a world away from you and me
us and them
yet no distance at all from here, 9 more words


Love in ink

Forget me not,

For I sit here writing odes of our love.

A love that we dreamt would exist forever

But never knew

Would only remain etched, in ink, on paper.

Poetic Thoughts

One for the day...

Live the Dream

Life is a dream
until you die
so what are you waiting for?

Wake up
and start dreaming
why it is

you are worth dying for.