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Difficult Circumstance
Mind that Trembles
Gathering all the Strength
To Smile in Trouble

Poetic Thoughts

we keep learning

We never stopped learning

Though through our own minds

We kinda stopped yearning 

Just because you got an A+

does not mean you have passed the test of life… 71 more words

Poetic Thoughts Book Published

Poetic Thoughts – unedited is my second self-published book and is available to purchase via Lulu and Amazon.

Poetic Thoughts – unedited is exactly as the title suggests. 100 more words

B. L. Crisp

Memories Of Time Past!

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The lashes fell on my skin, burrowing holes through it

My hands gripped the tree as blood flowed freely.

The ground soaked and groaned. 246 more words


This Wandering Mind

1) I’ll tell you this
a body likes comfort
lingering in bed this morning
it’s time to put on the flannel sheets
These shores of comfort’s complacency… 655 more words

Poetic Thoughts

A Moment of Clarity.

Have you ever felt like a feather caught up in a tornado of mediocre laced mist? Filled with a suffocating under tone of boredom. That seemed to just leech you ever so slowly of the joy found with in your creative time.

138 more words