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Today's Poetic Thought...

Nightfall in Ferguson

There must be a million Mike Brown’s–

old ones, young ones, red ones, brown ones,

black ones, white ones,–

working, walking, running, living, 94 more words

Poetic Thoughts

The Hagglers

(Photo credit: Flickr)


When the world haggle senselessly,

Stoning themselves with hatred endlessly,

I simply laugh continuously.

They fail to see my beauty

They fail to see my work. 187 more words


poetic moments

a little small film on little poetic moments I have.

poetry is something I always come back to after wandering around for a while…

photography and poetry. 146 more words

Poetic Thoughts

A note to myself

My strength comes From Him.  I am a branch, a channel of His life.

He’s the one from whom my peace flows.

His is the one whose breath my spirit breathes. 119 more words


A Voice

Inhibiting the expression of my thoughts.

Suppressing the true desires of my heart

This has been my reality for far to long

I paused, I thought, I scribbled, yet silence still engulfed me. 123 more words