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Poetics: Joel Robison's Photography

Hi everyone ~  I am excited to bring you the amazing surreal world of Joel Robison. He is a 30 year old conceptual portrait photographer from Cranbrook, British Columbia.   1,233 more words


s/m BROS collaboration at Cloud Rodeo 5

I was in the middle of the woods in the middle of Virginia when this issue launched last week, but I’m excited that Alyse Knorr and I have had the first publication of our… 51 more words


like a racehorse

like a racehorse

chomping at the bit, caged

moving at a rapid


maneuvering swiftly

            only in the mind

pawing the gate,


trained and conditioned… 41 more words



it’s not a matter of justice

it’s a matter of Fuck You


she’s such a pretty word

passed around like the dirty whore

blindfolded, 99 more words


Poetics : Homecoming

Hi all hope you are doing well – it’s me, Abhra, back to hosting the poetics tonight. I have been thinking over a week – what theme to pick for tonight, and to be honest, I didn’t come up with anything – well, at least not until now, when I sat beside the window, looked at the setting sun, the mellow light falling on the neighbor’s fences and became pensive. 427 more words



could I call myself a virtuoso

with the filth I lay page upon page

with no rhyme scheme nor reasoning

beyond splattered resentments

subtle rages pressed by ink on paper with pen… 100 more words


trying to change

they ask me how I got here

            I came on a bus

they ask me why I’m here

            I was selfish

            I still am

they ask how I did it… 52 more words