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Poetics--in a not so Real World

In 1929, poet and journalist George Sylvester Viereck interviewed Albert Einstein.

He asked: “Do you account for your discoveries through intuition or inspiration?”

Einstein replies: “I’m enough of an artist to draw freely on my imagination, which I think is more important than knowledge. 248 more words



I wish stand ups had a translation device so that when jackasses yelled out something we’d just hear “my mother didn’t love me enough!” Then we’d get to the truth, the heart of the matter, whodunit psychology. 182 more words


Bad Love

This princess is so feisty.
She gets so moody rightly.
She wakes up and puts her blood makeup.
It really looks so nasty.
So now she goes a rolling. 187 more words


Mishmash Poems

That rapturous melody fluttered around in my head. A waning, spirited tune that begged for attention. Revelatory auditory music story hallucinations. It started off quaintly, tinny in character, then monstrously it grew into orchestral crescendos, reveling and flirting gleefully with piqued synapses and nerdy neurons. 259 more words


Death Bang

Chitty chat fat rat gonna get some scat.
Dirt devil snort and grumble, pick a pithy end.
Devil details and second mortgages.
Poverty no snobbery, tittle tattle ends. 95 more words


Poetics - Under the Influence of Music

Music is my main influence, not just for poetry, but life period.

Hip-Hop, Rock, R&B and Country; from the 70’s all the way to now—I love it all. 203 more words


Impersonation of a teen poet

I walked along sands stained by many feet.
Generations of humans taking walks of joy and sorrow.
I stood at the water’s edge and slit my hand. 45 more words