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“In the context of relevant philosophical models, one can begin to conceive of Eigner’s poems as actively occurring experiments in perception. Thus Eigner asks us to reconsider not just what kind of body a poet can use to perceive, but what kind of perceptive positions might be formed and reformed (for reader and poet) in the protean space of the poem.

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When Was I

Obsession compression, tick tick tock runaway clock. It seems I have become obsessed with time. Recently? No it has been the thriving corpulent leech greedily sucking marrow since adolescence. 122 more words


God Creates, So Should We

The book of Psalms reminds us that our purest theology comes out in worship, in the creative expression of the believer. Humans are creative beings. Being Image bearers means that it is not only humanity that is creative, but God as well. 736 more words

Jewish Roots Of Christianity

Dude is Packed

I like big dicks and I cannot lie
You other sisters can’t deny
When a guy walks in with a nice taut waist
And a smooth dong in your face… 201 more words


Plenty Petty Bourgeoisie

Make a mess, make a mess.
Chaos looming in duress.
A spot of tea in luxury.
Queens live off deathly penury.
Fancy gowns and croquet. 70 more words


Lily Love Lily

I saw creamy lilies on my romping stroll. Custard lips curling in fear of the harsh world. But perhaps it was shrinking from modesty, not one to show off in pomposity, not to avail itself with all those kind whispers. 178 more words