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first you say his body is made different. I look this up

in all possible houses, to find only detergent and hints

that his body exists. 114 more words


form psalm

I find the boy’s name on a list in another boy’s diary. a gun goes off in a dream I don’t have anymore. the animal gets between my son and my son’s imaginary friend. 24 more words


I lasso the calf just before it makes the ocean.

overhead, a helicopter
from my past

my son says
to himself
this isn’t
your father’s… 16 more words

Good News, Bad News, No News

The Good News: harvest is done. Except for baling. Stacking. Hauling.

Essentially harvest is done. Fields empty of crop. Bins and bags filled.

Everyone takes a collective breath. 163 more words


Five Days of Fear

Sooner or later, it eats you up
and you’re rolling out of bed at three in the morning
to check the twitter feeds again for key words… 422 more words


inquiry psalm

when it comes to humoring
by name
my memories
draw a blank.

I had a daughter
and three

my hands
could’ve been
the hands… 38 more words