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orange crush.

what does it mean to have a crush
on someone you barely know.

unnecessarily intense desire.
and generally improbable fortunes.

sarcastically, i tell my self. 108 more words


Thought sitting under a tree #13

Not always is it wise, too carefully to revise.
Sometimes the one worked less, remains the first and best,
at least to my eyes.



Expression beats my ability
This pain distorts my reality
To touch is to feel
To fuck is to feed
You cut yourself and bleed
Then lay and wait to die… 44 more words



the nothing that’s out there I keep to myself. garbage bag for a coat and in it I act the duck. kids laugh. can’t be alone not with sweet tooth and funny bone. 139 more words

To the boys who may one day date my daughter…

If you break her heart, I will hear it snap with the ear I pressed against her mother’s belly. 20 more words

Love & Relationships


on a clear day
my father
is the face
of absence.

how what I mean
cuts the finger

my mother

how porch blood… 33 more words

Prynne week: J H Prynne on George Herbert's Love [III]

Today I’m going to turn away from the harrying of the poetry and pay serious attention to the prose. Prior to the publication of Prynne’s tome on the above (in 2011) I was completely in the dark about the strength of Herbert’s work and the place it seems to occupy in the God-related debates of the time. 1,818 more words