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upper body

the only vandal
the town

has just
into the world

a baby’s

the people of the town
though not diverse

rejoice. 37 more words

Holding the Line on a new way of writing

Eimear McBride, whose novel A Girl is a Half-formed Thing (Galley Beggar 2013) met with rejection for many years before being published. And celebrated (if not read!). 448 more words


fathers of sex

pregnant, she was killed during a game of hide and seek. a man passing through popped the trunk of his car going over a pothole. disparate images of war took root in the photographic amnesia of crows. 24 more words

New Self

You have to get over it. The beatings, the humiliation, the tainting teasing terrordome aggravations lashing away at the temples. All that inappropriate touching you’ve made a bigger deal out of. 198 more words

Left Wing Glory

No I’m a poet you see,

And more than you’ll make me;

Not too fond of one-side merely.

My poems have rejoinders, dialogues,

Two sides to a story.

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dream tissue

I saw
my son’s
in the web
of a spiderless

it seemed
only fair…

Confronting Mon Coeur (Part 2 of 2)

A few weeks ago, I described how I was essentially being cornered in the classroom to consider my conception of love. When I started writing… 2,139 more words