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Where Earth Meets Sky


I sit here writing

About the possibilities

The sun setting on the horizon

As if it is so far away

Thinking I have to reach… 59 more words


(this document is a boy)

on the day
you were, I felt
I’d been born
far enough
to bring you
this moment.

it existed, briefly, as a fly. as my want to be… 53 more words

Poetics: Joel Robison's Photography

Hi everyone ~  I am excited to bring you the amazing surreal world of Joel Robison. He is a 30 year old conceptual portrait photographer from Cranbrook, British Columbia.   1,233 more words


On contact

talk early, walk late.

for food.

hold kitten
like a rifle, your father’s head

to god.

call my / with your


Djelloul Marbrook: The Body Language of Poetry

Don’t gesticulate with your hands or make faces when speaking, the teachers at my British boarding school told me. It’s vulgar. I’m sure that this enjoinder at such an impressionable age imbued my poems with reticence and austerity. 1,532 more words

Personal Essays

s/m BROS collaboration at Cloud Rodeo 5

I was in the middle of the woods in the middle of Virginia when this issue launched last week, but I’m excited that Alyse Knorr and I have had the first publication of our… 51 more words


On paternity

as his mother heard yesterday he was born to some nobody everyone can describe, she instructs her barber to slide a lit cigarette behind her ear. 23 more words