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Poetics : Modern mythologies

Hi all! Hope you are doing well – I am back to hosting the poetics tonight. Last time I played bartender, I was sad, thinking about moments of leaving my wonderful neighborhood that I came to like in last few months and also excited about returning home after a long time. 419 more words


Kill the cat

(Don’t worry, cat-lovers. This isn’t the mad ravings of a felinocidal maniac. There are cat people in my family I’d have to answer to, including the one who… 521 more words

About Writing

express purpose


a child’s edition of your father. in which

the unused

is found
the dirty

mags, the cigarettes

of a sister’s worry, and other… 55 more words

answer (iii)

she kneels
and she kiss


she fight
to be

in longstanding


she father
the skirted

she make for mother
no baby… 20 more words

The Sky

November 3, 2013

Somedays i feel like I’m flying
some nights I feel like I’m falling
in a dream-like state,
escaping from reality.

Either way, the sky is my solstice… 73 more words


around the year 1200 or//under the linden trees//no wait--

“i fought this dragon–” he says,
trash cans in his voice&
sweat dripping from forehead to nose,
pearls down his chest,
a gem-ornated sword limp by his side… 188 more words


we say o and we say angel

we proceed
as in recess
of mourning

of the brief

longing is a pup, a kit, a word
the stupid have
for infant… 34 more words