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To Hop a Train

She finds the old footprints,

follows them past mothers

with splashing children,

past men and dogs

chasing sticks in waves,

past the log

where he changed the lens… 66 more words


Listening to Bach

Flute notes

like honey drops

fall into my tea

as I read the leaves

and know this day

will be sweet harmony.

(c) 1991, 2014 Betty Hayes Albright



(One more dandelion re-post, this one from 1982)

And so we curse

this edible vision,

this crayon yellow

turned silver-spun filament!

Oh, grand survivor… 27 more words


Beauty and the Beholder

(a re-post)

I’m a stranger to this land.

Pray, what are these graceful creatures

with plush yellow blossoms

waving lightly

in the early afternoon? 41 more words


To the Sea

(a re-post)

And so I have gone down

to the salty, briny air

where the surf tumbles the sand

and the wind combs through my hair, 53 more words