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Scary places right?

some enjoy the dripping walls, the shadows in corners,

the deep recesses of the mind

that keep us sheltered from what we fear, 72 more words


Late Afternoon Storm Haiku

Late Afternoon Storm Haiku

Storm fells big branches
while gossamer lines linger—
the strand between us


Long after strong rain
moves on, forgotten, moss on… 31 more words



Pavement slapping against the sole of my shoe
The harder I walk the harder it hits
Vibrating up my leg and springing my knee


I Don't Think

I don’t think I can love you.
Because love it utterly entagled in brokenness, and I’m still leaving pieces of me I forget in the sheets. 103 more words


Starlit notions

Another word with myself
It seems I clearly need
Because it’s happening again
Abstract notions mislead
Trailing my heart off destination
Residing at your fingertips… 126 more words


Poetry of the Day

We are all made of stars. 

We fade and sometimes implode, sucking in surrounding planets and existences. We can be a source of light, or we can absorb all energy and make darkness and become a nightmare for a universe.  17 more words


Day 323 - Prince

Prince, you’d better keep your distance
for the sake of my babies and me.

We are blind towards you
but can feel your groping arms, 80 more words