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Rat Tat Tatting

Baby you’re a drum
Pounding on my brain
You’re like the falling rain
My psyche is a tin roof
And it isn’t waterproof
You rap and tap on all the cracks… 20 more words


You love me
In private
But deny me
In public;
I understand
The plight of truth..

My Thoughts

Winter in the District

Five feet apart, three strangers between us
I feel so alone with your hands just inches from mine.

The cold kisses the district and thinks she might stay the winter… 104 more words


Charles Olson (1)

What does not change

is the will to change

Charles Olson, “The Kingfishers”


Writing on the Beach

Even the vast ocean gathers her strength only to break herself again and again on the unflinching beach,
So it should come as no surprise that I keep throwing myself towards you hoping that you’ll feel me kissing your feet and praying you’ll consider diving in.


An Unexpected Face of Christmas

It’s freezing +1 and a driving rain
Peppered with shotgun blasts of sleet.
As I linger at a light, up beside me pulls
A mask of misery in dire need of heat. 57 more words