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Seven Year Cycles

Seven year cycles
of lessons;
first half you struggle
to learn,
second half you implement.

Where are you on this cycle?
What is the life lesson for now? 17 more words


A Gift for a Daughter on Her Birthday

She texts from the seat next to him,
her boredom classic
and heroic,
though, no wonder, a prodigy, apparently,
of the world,
she turns 15 this Sunday, and… 232 more words

Top Six Sounds from the Satellite Town

The magpie’s brokenĀ 
Rattle. The neighbour hammers
Metal into wood.

The long yawn of lawn
Mowers. The long yawn of planes.
The long yawn of bees. 48 more words


Digital Art Ferris Wheel Poetry

what would summer be without the ferris wheel?

medieval folks
knew well, so well,
that life is a wheel
that spins and spins,
bringing different fortunes, 55 more words


Morning, Norway

Pregnant with light,

Sea dazzles sky;

Clear at length,

And still blue, sometimes.

Oblivious, mackerel

Nibble at its surface,

Like raindrops. The screams

Of 4 am gulls circle… 42 more words


TANKA -- 07262014


in the green field

the Sun prepares a brown

and slowing time

we may speak of Yin and Yang

but the Sun needs no such names… 14 more words


Al Fogel reads "Drawing of a Band Concert on a Matchbox Cover" by Charles Bukowski

Al Fogel reads “Drawing of a Band Concert on a Matchbox Cover” by Charles Bukowski at youtube.com.