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I’ve run out of ink, why am I still writing?
I sometimes wonder what’s the point in even trying.
Well, the flames just recently began alighting… 117 more words


Strength I need

I can’t find the answers to all I want to know
Filled with much frustration from head to my toe

What the hell am I living for? 239 more words



After every poem that I write
my mind never could decide
in my thoughts there’s this great divide
where my doubts and confidence collide
Will this be a poem that she likes? 98 more words


Crosswalk Balloon

a balloon bounces
across a light,
on the rocks,
and does not pop

the cars go, they too
on their balloons,
on the rocks,
not popping… 41 more words



What to Remember When You Begin by David Whyte

“What you can plan is too small for you to live.

What you can live wholeheartedly will make plans enough for the vitality hidden in your sleep. 100 more words


What Humans Do

We are all the same,
sometimes we are lame,
and sometimes we’re always game
to take the first step and aim
to put someone’s name
in such shame.


Wrong Love.

I hope you find love,
So beautifully shatteredThat it wakes up in you
The desire to fix the broken.

And, while trying to fix it, 28 more words