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Tanka 50

You fell down today,

whilst you tended your garden.

Amongst the hemlock,

you screamed out for assistance,

only nature responded.

© Paul Nichol.  April 2014


Tanka 49

Expressionist Poet,

returning to the platform,

where he disembarked,

his train of reflective thought.

Resumes his onward journey.

© Paul Nichol.  April 2014


Writers, Poetry and Goodbye's

Never date a writer for you will meet him at a poetry show and even though you leave early and you barely notice him, he will, through your friends invite you to perform at a poetry show full of people you hardly know but even you know that loving strangers is easier. 387 more words

30 Day Letter Writing Challenge

A cozy, empty hut in the forest

We Keep Each Other Happy

Like two lovers who have become lost
In a winter blizzard

And find a cozy, empty hut
In the forest, 34 more words


Poem a Day #18 - The Sewers of Bogota

Last night I watched a disturbing short documentary, about people who live in the sewers of Bogota.  They are mainly streetkids, but adults too. One man and his wife have lived in the sewers for 20 years. 305 more words


Pink cheeks no more

She has been hurt so many times,

She feels pain no more.

Fell on smooth roads enough,

She chose bumpy rides to home,

That bridles on wheel no more. 64 more words




Commitment is a force that wins
It beats a thousand lies and sins
For when you meet the one that’s sure
You’ll see their goal and nothing more… 77 more words