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Shameless Self-Promotion

I know I mostly post about poetry, my music, and other arts, but I also do what I consider a different form of poetry, gardening.  A finely constructed garden is like a poem or a perfect painting.  98 more words



Bodies dangling from the sky

Like swings on a summer day

The rapture left us all to cry

Captured in the sun lights ray

Spirits fly in circles, like bats… 75 more words


Rise & Shine

Inside this silence

There is a mountain man

Climbing the canyon,

Ringing bells…

Rise and shine.

Reminding me

There is prey inside the coyote

Lightening inside thunder… 47 more words


(Poem) Pestilence

Like disease in the air
It lingers
And haunts

Those infected
They fall
Gasping for breath
Screaming for the chance to whisper

Today he steals my very voice… 28 more words


Haiku for the weeks 09/20/14 - 10/01/14

This was one of the foggiest mornings anyone here in north-central Kansas could remember. But today, I travelled 20+ years back in time to when I would drive almost by touch morning upon morning in rural Michigan’s autumn trek to high school.   322 more words


Haiku-A-Day #259

Moonlit piano
Fingers play along silver
Ethereal notes


Look Ahead - a Rispetto

Quiet moments deep in thought
Little emotion for others to see
Past experience is all for nought
What the future holds is yet to be. 27 more words