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With everything going on in Gaza, I have been pretty silent with my thoughts and feelings on the matter. I am not one to sit back and be silent on this, but I feel like the world is on it’s knees right now, the earth is feeling the weight of life and death and war. 381 more words


Tracks Through Time

Look here and see these tracks through time,

these words, this grounded page

that clues the ever longed for sign

transforming death to life again. 145 more words

The Speck of Light

He came as a speck of light

Undetectable, yet existent

In spite of his inconspicuous presence, he was satisfied

Being in close proximity to her was enough  73 more words


Document 12

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Every time I see you,

Your eyes light up anew,

Such a beautiful woman,

Wearing such a beautiful shoe, 17 more words


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“Key Lime”

I’d like to take a trip,

Near and far and yonder,

I’d like to take a trip, 68 more words