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Universe's Big Joke.

5am and I am sleepless so I take out my scholarship applications
and hunt down my certificate copies
but I am missing a leaving school certificate… 408 more words



Little flowers dot the sky
and it’s your face, my dear old friend,
smoothed and lit with a smile
that is both sarcastic and realer… 57 more words


frivolous matters

that moment when words fail

thoughts haunt me

echo of voices in lonely nights

gently taunt me

I think of ways to stop breathing

I explore every dark  60 more words


Waking Up

Lying next to you,
peaceful and still,
Light peeking at us from behind the curtains.

Not yet committed to the day,
Still claiming the night, 125 more words


Conversational Miss Herrings Part XVI

Back in the fucking old days magic was how he did it/Clutched round your Ku Klux fanny chicken with a howl at the lion and Rafa Riffa/It is more for the fans this is a lager concern/We’ll come back and play a game of miserable chairs supplied with Jamaican Mule: Cancerous amounts of vanilla & lime with Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum, built with ginger beer and Angostura Bitters/And bird flu into it/In this day and age of earning money be a bitch stronger/It’s a big win for Chris Palace’s Charlton who are flying into dot com in the category of ‘Mens’ Water Pants’/It’s nice when I iz using Aeros to keep the rails clear/I pissed on some empty down there, is that all right?/To sit on a rum and coke telling a dirty joke/I’m not good at shitting in the morning/With a rotational bastards’ kit, this dumb Irish girl stayed after playing harmonica and shit/With 100% free dough guaranteed get caught when everyone farts and achieve winter teeth in 14 days if you play every game but one in the camp cup competition/Excess may contain splashing images/Why was this man Jerry’s butter?/And did any testes come with that delivery?/The rain made me so sad it made me think of Olly Murs/I need some chlorine for weed/Boom your ass!/I have angry shoes, speccy socks and sex with loose sandals/For some reason we sold Peroni as achievers’ lager/There’s such a power in this police whether you can see it or hear it or not 38 mad days week/She likes packs of rebels, I like rebels, we’re a match made in heaven/Licking at pictures of her in Nick Parrot’s house/You’ll never find a slug in my tea/The cat winning team cost less than £150,000/URGENT: NSPCC’s increase in young people feeling suicidal/They’re doing a grand job, keep walking/He’s a Hannibal in bed/But can’t handle five ales, ostrich/It was announced on the walrus at 12/Gonna go Co-op and get a gangster’s pasty/He’s looking bullocked/Fuckin’ fares have jumped upstairs/We want sexy minister elbowed out just to be with you now I’m a gentle dog’s bollock/She lives in Haribo with a lesbian who’s an insane anti-American North Korean propaganda/’Merlin’, she wrote, ‘make love on my latte’/Why don’t we go the place that sells llamas, the place down Brick Lane?/Old Street onions and a doughnut clock cock as I pick my whores for dinner/Have you gotta go to a sex machine?/I saw my dad get squashed in last year’s snow by elastic hangers/I’m on pleb nine, hoping to tickle them with my fanny bone/I feel like I’m the only cockatition, but I’m very pleasurative of this experience/Pooh portraits: match the dogs to their celeb owners/Preston high up the pitch for Arsenal/When I’m older I’ll eventually get season tits for Ipswich Town and get arrested for selling a pizza officer outside Sugar Hut/He’s always in the rotten place/The white ball does its job, but I hear cancer bullshit every day/Dump for club/He’s watching dejected, needing a Foxtrot, looking for a green Lincoln town car with a brown vinyl roof/We got no good Leyton on the side doors/FIFA A REPORT TODAY AND GET BACK TO WORK!

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Wednesday Poetry Corner: Attention!!! The Internet Detonator sabotaged my call for Mother submissions!

Dear poets, I have caught the bug! Not the bug that drives us to write voraciously from pleasure ~ but the blasted internet detonator that has been going about lately! 205 more words

Special Projects


I speak in metaphors

feel in colors,  think in painted movie screens

My tongue, a sluggish traitor
to the quick flashing shades in my heart… 83 more words