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With Love, I pray

I pray for eyes that see
only the best in you,
and for a mind, which when sees less,
Can convince my heart simply is untrue. 81 more words

Dear Diary

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In sorting my blog this morning, I came across this bit. So many of us are frustrated at expectations and people wanting to change us, and yet we are causing our loved ones to feel the exact same way. Here's to perfect love without conditions and a finger that points inward rather than out!

No Return

Fetching my fair share
Of love with no return
Sick of the despair
When will I ever learn


Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge #14

(Image found at Mystic Medusa)

Words 2014 © Copyright-All rights reserved www.silverthreading.com

“Shine and Potential,” are the prompt words this week from Ronovan Writes… 22 more words


Stockholm's Syndrome

Stripped of your dignity and lost to society
Trapped in this constant battle between your lovers and your friends
On pace of getting flanked from both sides… 9 more words



there’s something in her style of beauty

the way she carries herself so naturally

to think a grown man

could be so giddy

to think someone so subdued… 46 more words


Old school poetry

Guest writer! Introducing the 18 year old me. I found some of my old poetry in the attic and this one struck me as passable. Yes, it’s total 6th form poetry, clichés and all, but the intensity of feeling is stark; something I suppose I struggle with now. 135 more words


Holding Hands On A Runaway Train

Every closeted cutthroat was filmed in pleasant daylight
An apple of the whole town’s watching eye
Tension thrust upon the other’s turned itself into a better night… 116 more words