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Down By The Lake

Might as well hate it
You only stare as I bait it
Pulling out of a faster speed
Obligating all of the seed


Together In Tampered Thought

Losing you at every tide
Noticing everyone who’s at the shore
Because of you, I hold no pride
I’m lost in who you were before… 51 more words


Resurrection Myth

Like her brother Icarus,
the moth desires blinding light,
and flies a bit too close.
The reader knows
what happens next: 44 more words


Auburn Berries

Sweet auburn berries –

turn tart during autumn’s veil,

fickle summer love.

2014 © Copyright-All rights reserved www.silverthreading.com

These wild berries grow along the road where I walk each morning.  35 more words



I wait, letting others go ahead like all
The smothering self protective decisions
Before which tackled me flat, the pile’s bottom

Advice as they push past me… 133 more words


Sun Goes Down Bitter

Sun Goes Down Bitter

Sunset is the saddest light there is
when it signals another night
for a blighted, blindfold family

Threats shouted, curses thrown… 256 more words


first & last.

i regret all the times
I tried to change my name
just so it could fit into your mouth.