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The body may become broken and bruised,
The spirit is stronger by far.
You can pound it from stone,
Set it deeper than bone,
And then light it as bright as a star!

- s. Clark


Picking Petals

I wonder if I am ready

Ready for him

Ready for us

Ready for this

I fret and frown

Anxiously awaiting

Delayed responses

Picking petals… 35 more words



Illuminated by ice cream shiny chin
Paper thin tooth studded smile
Devised of fragile corrugated plastic
Residual classic letters and labels
Fairy lights of the eye whites flicker and dull. 19 more words



Ten twilights we light the candle,

a star to warm the last endless nights.

Winter sun at Solstice, in time, comes

eager to stay a mark longer. 16 more words


He told her she encouraged him
And that it was her gift,
And it was ever her delight
To give his soul a lift.
But to be clear, she would not stand… 123 more words


Oh! I am inferior


Oh! I am inferior that

I could not distract or make you dream

long enough to free

you from your agony

so cleverly, ironically found. 24 more words