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Insipid Love.

Heart skips, trips and falls.

Indifference fills moments, touch and pores.

That noise you can’t stand,

Patience contracts fills air in twisting bands.

New L word is flung, 7 more words


Emerald Leaves

2014 © Copyright-All rights reserved www.silverthreading.com

I have been playing with my photographs and trying to figure out a way to get my poetry onto the photos.  57 more words



Burning tears collect around nostrils,

Heat driving nerves wild as fists clench.

Nails digging deeply,

Physical pain penetrating flesh,

soul and breath.

Strangling conviction,

Grabbing throats, 21 more words


Hello. I hate goodbyes.

Feeds on my soul this
One word that claims me
In a slow purposeless death
Like a child on his first
Day at school
The fear of abandonment, 26 more words


Blamed When Trouble Came

I have come to know at night
Light can only travel so far
The single act of a turning table
Cannot enrich the envious like once before… 29 more words


Frrp, frrp, frrp...

Frrp, Frrp, Frrp…

Frrp, frrp, frrp, frrp…
His slippers drag in the hall
Pulls the blanket over her head
It’s Daddy’s nighttime call

She has a lot of sore throats… 147 more words


So Little Time

Who has been holding you up
When you are weighted by weeping
Wiping that pretty face
When your days aren’t worth keeping
Should I even ask… 22 more words