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Poetry Monday: is that another week gone?

So the theme this week is something we’ve all experienced at least once in our lives: love. Now before the eye-rolling starts, some words in my defence… I’ve never been a particularly lovey person. 196 more words


Poetry Monday: To the Thawing Wind, by Robert Frost

(In anticipation of my first New England big snow storm that is supposed to hit today…)


Poetry Monday Again!

So I had an exam this morning. In a language which was not my native one, at 8.30 in the morning.  You could say today was not one of my better ones. 221 more words


Poetry Monday: Li Po

I just waded through several pages of small point sized legalese, looking for information on public domain poetry. What a mess. I wanted simple answers and of course it was anything but. 272 more words


Let's call this Poetry Monday

New year, new me right? Wrong. For someone who’s supposed to be driven and determined and all that, I’m surprisingly good at procrastinating. So right now I’ve got three A4 pages of a ‘MUST REVISE’ list pinned up in front of me and instead of actually – I don’t know – revising it, I’ve decided to share this poem with you all. 132 more words