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What am I to wear

season passed beneath the snow

ugly bulky winter fare

I will sing a lovely tune

to bring a smile to his face… 123 more words


Whirling with Abraham

This week’s words: barrier, detail, diamond, pleat, power, strap, swing, suspend, tough, unit, waterfall, zip

The first line of each 5-7-5 snippet is taken from various poems in… 209 more words


Heaven Could Be A Greyhound

For The Sunday Whirl poetry prompt: Wordle #154

root, plan, pack, heaven, growl, heal,
burst, rows, shivering, mending, why, time

And for Poets United poetry prompt: … 116 more words



Oh night , I love the twinkling darkness

The luminous black abyss lifts me up

Intransigent I am , with the insomnia.

A soul , leery of sleepless night… 28 more words


Eve of Escape

For The Sunday Whirl poetry prompt: Wordle #152

plop, wicker, green, bottle, city, strips, small
apple, dust, tower, slack, squeeze, fuss

And for Poets United: … 260 more words