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Daily life

Two eggs amongst morning philosophy.

Two abandoned eggs.

The eggs screamed;

They moved, they fought.

The fire kept them alive, it kept them sharp.

The two eggs tried, they resisted, 12 more words

Poetry / Poesía


Poesía es para los salvajes.

Poesía está fuera de críticas absurdas.

Poesía es cómo funciona el mundo

Cuando funciona bien.

Poesía es para los que escuchan. 7 more words

Poetry / Poesía

A story

Let me tell you a story,
One of those stories
Where fairies and wizards appear.

Let me tell you a story,
About a little girl… 53 more words

Poetry / Poesía

Si pudiera

Si pudiera reproducir el
color cálido de tu arena
Tal vez no tendría
que buscarme en la tinta
de tus hojas.

Poetry / Poesía


Nothing lasts but the variety of forms.

Nothing lasts but the certainty of decay.

Nothing lasts between the whims of the wind.

Nothing lasts,

Remember, nothing lasts.

Poetry / Poesía


Should I find inspiration in the way

The black birds move from one tree to the other

As if they were expecting war?

Should I be inspired by the creaking concert of the clouds? 51 more words

Poetry / Poesía


I wrote you because I needed absolution.

The blinking cursor taunted me, becoming ever more brazenly defiant.

Daring me to combine twenty-six letters in the alphabet into a coherent message. 99 more words