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***We Could Be Anything***

I want you to be nothing

A blank page like I am

So we can paint each other

In colours of our whims

Blue like your soul… 91 more words


Lena - A short story by Stephanie Warden

Lena was hesitant to get in her teacher’s car from the start – and she was right to be. He approached the bus stop she stood at and pulled up with violent force, jamming the front wheels over the step of the pavement. 632 more words

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Poem: The Special One

The Special One

I pulled up the covers
and had just turned out the light
when she spoke,
her voice soft and sweet:

“Am I special?” 117 more words

Digital Art

Truth Matters By Turhon McDowell


The convictions of truth

Unable us from truly feeling

Sends great pains down the spineless and up right alike.


Everything we know falls

Everything we are dies… 62 more words

Two women every week

By Janine Booth

In England and Wales, women are killed by current or former male partners at the rate of two a week. Thanks to Counting Dead Women for its work in telling these truths. 324 more words

Women's Fightback

Ribbon Round A Bomb - Poetry by Rebecca Brookfield

In the portrait

red satin twined through black hair
runs around Frieda’s neck
and a dark monkey with soft eyes.

In her regard:
an enigmatic non-smile, 38 more words

Poetry & Prose

A Glimpse of Grace

Last year at Thanksgiving I published an article about the song Amazing Grace, which seemed fitting for a holiday meant to honor gratitude.   This year, as we prepare our tables, I offer you a remembrance from one of my own Thanksgivings past.   1,947 more words

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