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Admonition, a provocative poem by Sylvia Plath that I seem always to be reminded of.


If you dissect a bird

To diagram the tongue

You’ll cut the chord…

127 more words

Close Reading

Watch the presentation and take notes regarding close reading strategies & tips.  Remember you don’t have to feel overwhelmed, you are to write the GIST (a summary of the main idea/points in as few words as possible).  

Poetry & Prose

Purpose is less

What is purpose?

Could it be the following of the soul’s wanting?

Which means letting go of everything

that is not serving the soul…

- Renee Ryder

Poetry & Prose

Fear not

There is no such thing as fear.

It is purely a mind game

for you to witness and laugh

at its foolish attempt to trap you.

- Renee Ryder

Poetry & Prose

Game changer

There is no such thing as change.

If now is all that exists

then there is only the present state

which cannot change in its presentness.

- Renee Ryder

Poetry & Prose


What is surrender?

Could it be the complete acceptance

that everything is exactly as it is meant to be

so I can experience it precisely as it is?

- Renee Ryder

Poetry & Prose

I think, therefore I am not

Why so obsessed with that head of yours?

Don’t you know you are not your thoughts?

In fact, you are not your body either - 12 more words

Poetry & Prose