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My feet are blistered
My ankles are sore
My legs are bruised
My knees are scarred
My thighs are weak
My waist needs rest
My stomach needs care… 170 more words

Poetry & Prose

Trials of an Insomniac

Lying in the dark, staring at the ceiling

Every blink passing time faster



Had a headache

Went to bed early



Rolling over… 32 more words


I Discover Treasures

Newborn pups suckling from their mother
who is wary of the stranger stopping to take it all in.
As well she should be for her protection of her young is a wonderful thing to behold. 323 more words

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The Era of the Machines or the Machine of the Eras?

“Vagano bianchi i vapori
tra corrosi metalli e densi cieli,
cupi di acri fumi.
S’odono lontani, immensi stridii
di lancinati ingranaggi.
Chimiche nebbie, si fondono negli orizzonti… 292 more words




Admonition, a provocative poem by Sylvia Plath that I seem always to be reminded of.


If you dissect a bird

To diagram the tongue

You’ll cut the chord…

127 more words

Close Reading

Watch the presentation and take notes regarding close reading strategies & tips.  Remember you don’t have to feel overwhelmed, you are to write the GIST (a summary of the main idea/points in as few words as possible).  

Poetry & Prose

Purpose is less

What is purpose?

Could it be the following of the soul’s wanting?

Which means letting go of everything

that is not serving the soul…

- Renee Ryder

Poetry & Prose