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To Kill a Mockingbird Vocabulary Ch. 1 & 2

Visual literacy means reading pictures and/or images be it photographs or art.  Watch the clip, study the image, record and define the words on the word list, for To Kill a Mockingbird Ch. 1 & 2,

 in your notebook.

Poetry & Prose

This Body

This Body

A poem by January Handl • photo by David Gilmore

This body belongs not to me
It belongs to time-
an illusion that acts…

107 more words
Poetry & Prose

How could your wounds heal

When they still haunted you?

You’re afraid of the dark,

Afraid someone will really see your heart,

And when you sleep you see demons in the dark: 24 more words

Poetry & Prose

// artifacts //

We bottle the memories;

We hold them tight.

Don’t let ‘em go and they’ll be alright.

Museum of the Mind,

Won’t forget the smiles -and the tears. 50 more words

Poetry & Prose

There is a fox in my garden

There is a fox in my garden.
I see him from behind smudged glass.
Fur as red as a new two pence piece,
a blanket of autumn, 78 more words


Away From You

How long must I bear
the wait I so scare
your familiar scent
too far has been sent
A whiff does come back
But love it does lack… 16 more words


Loose Skin

You are, you are,
That loose skin
Around my fingers
You lie in.
A part of me
I long to diss
But before I do… 50 more words

Poetry & Prose