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Well Never Empty [poetry]

Whenever you come to this well—
Daily, if it is your pleasure—
The spring of love will be fresh for you,
My companion.
You will never have to wonder, 42 more words


A Moment in Time - 2

Standing in our garden on a Friday evening and looking out across our village, I tried to catch the moment in these brief words:

EVENING… 92 more words


What the Panda ate

I have a new respect for copy editors. I really, truly do. I now understand just how annoying it is when you have to undo over 4000 versions of the ‘yob’s comma’ as termed by Lynne Truss, author of… 544 more words


5 Magical Ebook Covers

Today’s tour host is Daniel Marvello, who will be sharing a guest post from me about the magic systems in Wizard of Ends. Pop over to Daniel’s blog and take a peek. 149 more words

Wizard Of Ends

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REBLOG--Wizard of Ends October Blog Tour. Check these e-book covers focusing on magic.

The Book of She

The air is moist and hot.  Dark too, and the fleshy ground on which She walks is pliant and giving.  She traverses slowly, peacefully; doing Her rounds for the day, making certain all is well in the Motherhouse, and preparing Her armor for the challenges that lie ahead. 921 more words

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Give Love Longevity [poetry]

Love’s intention has been eternity
Since the beginning of time.
Nowadays, people have cut love’s time short
To just brief encounters in the bedroom.
Love is supposed to extend beyond… 14 more words


The Chaotic Seductress

“She was like a hurricane”, he grinned

Soft at first, like the autumn breeze

Embracing you in its balmy wind

Giving the dying air a new lease  167 more words

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