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I am pulling and pulling
This great weight on my back
Like an ox in the fields
Struggling to get free
Of the muck that besmirches me… 258 more words

AlyZen Moonshadow

mat. a poem.

take this passive aggression
as a lesson or suggestion,
my objection of digression this composition of admission,
an impression and a mention of your vexing predilection, 55 more words

Poetry & Prose

Crying on my Shoulder

Crying on my Shoulder By Martin Hanley

Oh, you’re back again I see, crying on my shoulder. And like a fool I begin to listen. Sighing and breathing, “They don’t understand me.” Deeper still, “I’m leaving for good this time; I promise, I will.” Sometimes so certain and always assured a practiced delivery; uncompromising skill. 101 more words

Martin Hanley

A Poem: The Ant and the Pebble

The Ant and the Pebble

One day, a young ant sat upon a pebble
taking a short rest from his very busy day,
and the ant and the pebble began to chat: 220 more words


The Space Between Us

Loving from nearby, her world is small. 

Perfection deludes her, she shrinks.
Her mind protests, attempting to run freely, but running into ever enclosing walls. 34 more words

Poetry & Prose

Storm before the Flight

A prose poem by Leah Budson.

The moon outside has been replaced by strobe lights. The pavement shimmers with the iridescent glow of asphalt wet with rain and lit by street lamps. 149 more words


Shah Jahan's Grief

by Michelle Sanders

He sits in his cell
Staring at the glistening stone
Barely seen through the narrow bars

He thinks of the the life they once shared… 23 more words