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Niobe's Call

Niobe, mother of 7,

bragged about her children

each and every one of them all.

Niobe, mother of 7,

bragged about her possessions,

one husband, three houses, and secret lover to boot. 58 more words


The Hubris of Icarus

So close

was I

to Heaven,

the stars seemed

beneath my feet.

In truth,

nearer was I

to Hell,

the smell of smoke

coming closer to me… 8 more words







the ego always craves more.

Little by little,

our ego destroys itself

in the pursuit of more

only to find

less fulfilling things… 28 more words


Jingle of the Moneybucks

Money comes,

Money goes,

that’s just the way of the world.

If a closed fist holds money,

and never lets go,

Will they reap what they sow? 8 more words


Achilles at Pride's Wit

Pride not shown

is pride not felt.

Let me fully enjoy

the pleasure of Hubris’ gift,

It’s the only thing worth having left.

Gone are the pleasures of the world… 77 more words


Poverty Scars

Poverty scars you,

leaves you with nothing left,

almost every single second of every minute

is focused on what little you have left.

If only this dream or that, 49 more words


Haiku: the writer

He sits, rigidly.

Fingers twitch – little girl dies.

Eyes shut. Plot lives on.

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