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Scribes & Vibes “SATURDAY, January 10, 2015” @ Stonecrest Library

Stonecrest Library presents…
Scribes & Vibes™ a beautiful blend of Poetry, Music, and Art

Music by Derwin Daniels and spoken word by Amazingly Gifted with paintings by Jessica Cook… 110 more words



The possibility of birth since our death
has passed, yet— in nine months
a new life is here now, where you abandoned us.
This Thursday girl, my child, my only daughter, 124 more words

Sarah Thursday

My Insanity (excerpt).. free form poem

Why do I keep doing this to myself

Knowing nothing will change

Could it be the lack of respect that I have for myself

Or the fact that I keep hoping you’ll come to yourself… 309 more words

Open Mic

Push To The Side (excerpt) Free Form

I’m sick of being pushed to the side

Disposed of

Like old batteries in a remote

Or put on the back burner

Lied to about politics… 65 more words

Open Mic

Lonely.... (excerpt) Free form

You ever been in a crowd but still lonely?

Lonely to the point you’re no longer lonely or bored

You’ve become borderline empty

Where silence no longer is loud but familiar… 66 more words

Open Mic

As A Woman (excerpt)

You ridicule me for being a woman

Because I refuse to pump poison in my body to prevent life

You’d rather not be around when I’m on my menses… 49 more words

Open Mic

Leaving You (excerpt) - free form

Leaving me would be harder than me leaving you

Accept the reality

You keep running back, it’s me you cling on to

I never loved anyone the way I loved you… 115 more words

Love And Shat