Blue - Feelings

Today I just feel fed up
I’ve had it up to here
Bummed out and crestfallen
Can’t get myself in gear

Nothing’s going right
My eye’s are in a blear… 24 more words


Blue - Difference

Some blues are a headache
Bringing discontent
Lasting but a few days
Then they’ve gone and went

Other blues are torture
Oh how they ferment… 14 more words


Blue - Day

Today I’ll just be laid-back
Forget all my concerns
Won’t think of anything
Especially life’s downturns

Tonight I’ll just be mellow
Forget all life’s demands… 45 more words


Blue - Cup

I want to sip the sweetness
From the teacup of life
And spread a touch of honey
Upon my bread of strife

I want to savor rapture… 18 more words


Blue - Brook

Bubbling brook flowing now
Imagine such a place
Rippling water fresh and cool
Splashing on my face Washing sorrow from my brow 16 more words

Bob Hart Memorial at ABC NoRio, Sunday, 9/28 at Noon

Bob Hart Memorial at ABC No Rio, Sunday, September 28 at Noon

I will be attending this:

Update on Bob Hart’s memorial from David Lawton… 131 more words


Blue - Bounce

I’m tired of life’s bounces
I’m tired of ups and downs
Sometimes they bring me smiles 21 more words