My Little Guy, the Mirror


When I see it for what it is, they shrunk you from me,
including personalities.
How lucky, disconcerting face, aimless grin trailing somewhere behind the tail of the wind. 115 more words

What am I searching for?

Ever lost something but don’t know what you lost? Or even know if you had it in the first place? Ever been searching for something but have no clue what you’re searching for? 30 more words

Pillows in the Sky

Lazy morning dynamics, how my mind shifts.
Yesterday’s blazing heat gone, climate shifted with my head, amplified and drifts,
and now everything feels right.

I watch the skies float on by, someones hand guiding their way, over-stuffed pillows hanging in perpetual motion. 74 more words


I’m terrified of being vulnerable infront of you in the bluntness of daylight. 

I’m petrified when I start to imagine you touching my bare skin  87 more words

Madeline Artenberg and Mireya Perez at Cafe Dada, Tues, 8/19 at 7:30 p.m.

Happy Late Summer from Bensonhurst, Brooklyn.  We are back with poetry and prose. From the Brooklyn Bridge to the The Verrazano- Narrows Bridge, the heat is on and poetry is hot in the city. 291 more words


Tell Me

Tell me what do I do?
When I lay down each night,
All my thoughts turn to you.

All I can do is think about us, 12 more words



Don’t misdirect this, watch the syllables roll off and what response you want-
not always what you’ll get.
Bite the hand that feeds, it only needs, when the ‘want’ sneaks in the backseat. 22 more words