Teach Me How To Love

Dear Lord I love u so
much more than my life does show.
I long to live for you,
but sin won’t let me do… 241 more words

Vincent Boateng

When the Dust Settles Your Ashes are Already Gone

This is a powder keg.
I’m sitting with my legs tucked in,
arms wrapped tight,
thinking is exhausting,
extinguish the light.

stop me if you’ve heard this one before… 42 more words


What would you know about blinking at an oncoming train,
battering ram-style and grace,
she left this place, your mind blown, face intact.
I heard the blitz, oncoming lights, 157 more words

I Can't Help It

I can’t sleep, I lie here all night thinking of you.
My eyes swell with tears, like a broken faucet that constantly flows.
And it happens each night, when my thoughts turn to you.


Dance of the Word: Celebrating Summer

Join us on Saturday, August. 2nd at 6 P.M., for

DANCE OF THE WORD: Celebrating Summer

The Cornelia Street Cafe, 29 Cornelia St.

(between Bleecker & W. 94 more words


My Little Guy, the Mirror


When I see it for what it is, they shrunk you from me,
including personalities.
How lucky, disconcerting face, aimless grin trailing somewhere behind the tail of the wind. 115 more words

What am I searching for?

Ever lost something but don’t know what you lost? Or even know if you had it in the first place? Ever been searching for something but have no clue what you’re searching for? 30 more words