lone seagull

proud and watchful
he stands ever alert-
a bold seagull stares.


Blue - Paint

I looked into my paint box
To see what I could find
I wanted to paint a butterfly 39 more words

Manifestation: A Tale of Emotional and Physical Harboring

You are my hesitant smile
My longing eyes
I fear that won’t change for awhile.

But how long is awhile?
When I’ve impatiently endured all these months… 64 more words


Blue - Laughter

  Cackle chortle chuckling
Fun tomfoolery
guffaw gleeful giggling
Harmonic hilarity Scoffing slamming sneering
Disdain disparity
Ridicule and raillery
Misanthropic mockery

Forty Shades of Blue ~ Poem #17


Relative Distance

I was in town this weekend.
The one that you live in.
I walked the same streets that make up your everyday
I drank coffee in your favourite café 122 more words


Blue - Ignorance

I do not fault you for ignoring me
I do not reproach you at all
I do not accuse you of tuning me out
My ignorance is my downfall… 34 more words


Blue - Hanky

I always carry a handkerchief
The one great grandma made
With lace all around it
The edges a bit frayed

As a child I watched her… 43 more words