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Now that my website is created and running I would love to invite everyone to visit it and also to join my mailing list. I promise it will only have the occasional information and not be sent for every post. 21 more words


NaPoMo ~ Quiet Nights

Oh to spend a quiet night with you
On your breast I’d lay my head
But the only time you button up
Is when you’re fast asleep in bed… 193 more words


Why I Write

Sometimes I wonder about the direction of life, and it’s true purpose,
I look around in dread, is it becoming something sad and worthless?
It appears I will never become, what I once dreamed I could be, 177 more words


NaPoMo ~ Puff the Magic Dragon

A closet full of memories
Bygone and long forgot
I try to recall and summon them
But my mind is in a knot

Faded thoughts of yester years… 319 more words


Depended on, Codependent

I’m addicted to you,
can’t you see how that’s true?
All that we’ve been through,
how do I know who I am
without you
I am just ‘me’ 96 more words


NaPoMo ~ Over the Waves

Ever and always voyaging
Upon the briny deep
You cast your last anchor
And found eternal sleep

Drifting and alone
I curse the greedy sea…
178 more words


NaPoMo ~ No Moon Above

Deception is your nature
Never what you seem to be
A journey made in darkness
Brings me anxiety

Susceptible to illusions
Tied to fertility
Following hidden meanings… 168 more words