Happy Fun

The Queen wanted amusement
She relished a little game
The King said it was high time 132 more words

Greek God ~ Ares

Another son of Zeus
Hera was his mom
Parents didn’t much like him
Family was like a sitcom

He was the God of War
Always a little bloodstained… 42 more words


Greek God ~ Poseidon

Lusty God of the ocean
Feared by sailors at sea
Caused storms and shipwrecks
At times he was an – gry

He carried a three-pronged trident… 61 more words


Fig Tree

I wanted to be everything
And that was my problem

I was hyperaware of the box society had put me in and all too knowledgeable of the consequences of stepping out of that box… 53 more words


Walk On By

I walk along with Jo on her Monday Walks.  Sometimes I’m walking by myself.  :( I saw him walk on by me 213 more words

Greek God ~ Hades

Hades had a three-headed monster
A hound with salivating jaws
Guardian of the Underworld
Didn’t hesitate to use its claws

Hades was an amiable god… 46 more words


A Man of Worth

A pleasant day it was to be
Then felt your eyes looking at me
I did not turn although I yearned 484 more words