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It was a moment,

a frozen smile

caught forever.

A photograph

recording you

as I longed for

you to be.

A moment when

happiness pushed… 7 more words


Shot in the Dark

Shots in the dark.

Late night confessions.

Little words with big meanings.

Silly attempt to transfer feelings.

But they fall on deaf hearts.

Broken communication.  21 more words


The Story Of Your Hero

You worship the hero that lies in the grave

I lift his limp hand “this man is saved?”

And many many more all righteously clamor… 100 more words

Smokes Rises

smoke rises, embers fall

words dripping in sparks

a blank page transformed

emblazoned by his mind



Dos Uno Convertido

Lend your weight on my hand when I offer it,

rise to face me and tilt your head a little while I kiss you.

Don’t think when my face comes close; 104 more words


"Haunted By a Lovely God": Final Update, and keys to the rhythms

Sooo…”final update”…lol

I don’t typically do a ton of revising of poems.  Generally I will post them up, and then notice just minor things here or there, and tighten them up…or a word that was too feisty and slippery for my muse’s grasp will be caught unawares and I catch it, lickety split and toss it in the poem-quarium for it to swim in, fed by it’s fellow words and nurtured by the kind attentions of you, Constance. 774 more words



He could see his fingers turning cold
Nails turning blue as he tied wire around
Pain from the cut subsided
When blood stopped passing through his veins… 118 more words