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Lucky Man #11/30 #NaPoWriMo

I want to etch into

Her deep poetic eyes

The sweetest dreams

Fly into her imagination

Until there is nowhere

She could not find me… 157 more words


Roll My Stone Away


Roll my stone away,

Barefoot silence through puddles

damp earth is rising.

Flowers are up-turned

in your cool quenching rain drops

Waiting for water.


when I was young - April 21


when I was young

I prayed for a red

Columbia bicycle

and for the mean

kids to leave me


I didn’t know that… 45 more words


Is It Biology?

Perhaps the craving
That I feel for you
Is simply Nature’s way ~
Of making certain
That the human race
Continues ~

As for myself… 71 more words


A Symbol of Hope

Beyond the blackest clouds

Through the deepest rains

Beams a ray of peace-

Colors to remind us that

Somewhere the sun still shines

And we are not alone in the darkness.


Meanwhile in an alley in Soho, London...

a young man
is carrying groceries home

in big cities
you carry food

often for miles
across bridges

through parks
in trains

up escalators
and stairs… 6 more words



What I have to say,
I wish I could just say it,
But I can’t. I won’t.