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Broken Things

Damaged things gravitate

Toward me

Find me attractive

Crawl out from under my bed

When it is dark and I am sleeping

In the morning I start my car… 315 more words

Hard to Believe

I needed to not feel bound
But I only felt so confused
I needed to not feel bound
So I tried a way out…

So impulsive, so different… 52 more words

Part three: Set in Sound

A 100 chapter of a 1,000 word story. Here’s part one.


“I heard a song of you within my soul that called to me; 112 more words


thoughts while tending a leak

the clouds are at it again
obscuring eclipses and meteors
found time to watch the light dim
with a chunk out of the sun
no sense asking for change. 223 more words


I see you, bare feet leaving traces in the damp sand.

Lost in beauty, you watch the gulls as they wheel and cry.

The salt sea caresses your sun kissed skin. 31 more words

'Poetry of the First World War: An Anthology' - edited by Tim Kendall ****

Oxford World’s Classics’ beautifully produced Poetry of the First World War is one of the most important and far-reaching anthologies to have been published in this, World War One’s centenary year.  423 more words

Wrong Decisions

Tonight my voice is an umbrella
Weighed down by my gloom
But protecting me from the
World’s sadness all the same
People say they want to die… 52 more words