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Talking to depression

This is true. For the last decade, I have an ongoing engagement with depression. Actually, it’s possible that the engagement began a long time ago, longer than a decade ago, long before I would even have known how to recognize that I was in a relationship with depression. 382 more words


Don't hide behind your complicated words

Don’t hide behind

your complicated words

because I know there

is no meaning to them.


Picture Poem #1

Sometimes I write things that are short, not necessarily unfinished. I was influenced by Jim Morrison’s poetry in this- just a few short lines or words that can make quite an impact, or invoke just a simple thought. 21 more words



Stuntman | Nights into the daredevils’ trajectory | splitting and flashing off | flaring | dying | only a name on an envelope, a name and an address, and | then, a little later | the houses demolished | so the address | on the envelope | no longer applied to a | surviving building | They’ll call you when it’s your turn to die | if you’re lucky…

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What is children's literature?

Anyone who writes down to children is simply wasting his time. You have to write up, not down. . . . Some writers for children deliberately avoid using words they think a child doesn’t know. 1,255 more words

Young Adult Books

Postcard Poetry: Missed Photo Opportunity

Ice floats drift across

calm mirrors of white mountains,

so ethereal,

their memory inspires

 my words to form worlds.

Damn, I wish I took that photo!


I love you but I love him, she said as she took her right and placed it squarely on my chest.

She started to rub my chest with that hand and she repeated, I love you but I love him, this time she added, please Jomo, you’ve gotta understand. 181 more words