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Ellipsis (AKA ...)

A poem by Chris Hibbard
December 22, 2014

If you want…
to be a poet…
You don’t need…
deep thoughts…
or deep words.

You don’t need… 28 more words


Strangers or Lovers

Eyes affixed to the most beautiful woman in the room.
Never should that be me,
but I won’t tell you no.
Kisses stolen in shadowed corners, 104 more words


Staining My Feet

I press the jacket against my face. I breathe in slowly. Deeply. I can still smell you ever so slightly on it, and I wish the jacket you returned smelled like you forever. 318 more words


Words of a Fool: Two

Close your eyes and remember,
Those you love and cherish.
Both past and present, near and far,
And you shall have your family by your side.
Body and soul.


When your hour comes

When you breathe your last breath
Your body becomes an empty shell
A cocoon
Bone with no marrow
Branch without its sparrow
A ship without its captain… 21 more words



Thought I dreamt and saw an angel,she was running barefooted,at first I hesitated to pick a race,but I wear on me courage and followed,hoping to commandeer a wing out of many she was accursed with,nearer I drew to her just to realise she has no wings,suddenly she looked back and oh,she was human afterall. 744 more words


To Answer The Final Summons

When it comes

It never leaves alone

When you see it, you turn to stone

Frightening notion of death

Ruthless conqueror of every land

For some it is a new path… 34 more words