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Colliding Hearts

In this life there is a beautiful time, when our hearts collide and a super nova event erupts into mass affects of you and me. When our malicious collide into each other, gaining momentum and speed. 46 more words


So Many Times

Ah so many times,
So many times did this practice bring no practice
but remains practical.
No trivial soft images necessary for imagery
We are all but imagery within ourselves, 68 more words


So Fast It Beats

So fast my heart beats
Like a marathon athlete
My brain tilting one direction
Thinking always about her

Breathing fast as hell
But getting confused… 14 more words

My Poetry

The Doldrum

A traditional-style poem written in the moment.

All the world is hell

In this kingdom I have made

All myself is lost

In the people I have played… 105 more words


The Love Kick Continues

I can justify my recent obsession with love because it’s nearly February and Valentine’s Day lets the whole month go crazy with gushy emotions. But really, do we ever have to justify love? 78 more words


Waiting For a Muse

Kuzi, the bug eating foster dog, and Chér, my bae.

While I’m busy trying to be profound
The heater on the floor
Sparks and sputters, thinks about quitting. 104 more words


“Just like boyfriend”

Coffee and cake
at Marylebone station
she looks pretty
in the afternoon light
shows me a picture of her boy
nine years old
lives outside Chongqing… 94 more words