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Allegiances, blind and ignorant

weave hatred and lies

propelling genocide

as a way of life

into minds, of young and old.

Love and acceptance

is seen as a character flaw… 50 more words



Your ghost is haunting me
Two actually- the ghosts of who we used to be
Together and understood
It was to be forever, just the way it should… 170 more words


a bottle of red wine
goes stale


Safe spaces, poem (319/365)

I am not safe
With safety
It does not
Yield the rewards
Of voyage
Of adventure
Greatness is
Escaping comfortable
Maybe not a destination
But work realized… 6 more words

365 Art Project


Feeling lost I gaze
Into the dark nothingness
I am staring back.


Mr King, they’ve marched all over your dream
It seems, that they no longer wish to be free.


Sky of you and I

Within the sky of you and I
We tease the clouds
Into a mystic trail
Exhaling strands of peace
To weave upon the sky
Of you and I