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Better Days/ Wanderer

At times so lost
You’re so far away
I sit on my bed,
Listen to your old tapes
The guitar sings out
In my little room… 335 more words


I drew a house

I drew a house.
Then I drew a windows
and the door.
And the chimney, of course.
And even
a curly smoke
above the chimney, … 128 more words



Thought I would only speak
pretty words,
see the beautiful world as it is.

I lost it all.

No color at all or just darker. 31 more words


Sleeping In

Prelude to winter,
this gray summer morning.

Forget about autumn;
it’s just a lovely distraction.

Pot holes are spilling last night’s rain;
mud holes make rainbows… 53 more words


First Love...

First love is a cupid’s play,
Everything is perfect;what can I say!
Summer breeze makes the flowers sway,
Scintillating music,beatific scenery all along the way. 277 more words


July 28.14.......What Can We Do?





What Can We Do?


After the day’s lights go out,
after supper is eaten
after “the world news” 

We can walk out into the warm night, 92 more words