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State Of Grace

Help me find my way to a state of grace
Stir my heart, touch my soul
Feed me freedom sounds you made
Help me find my way to a state of grace… 11 more words


Wisdom from the Dead

-Aman Joy Pal

Note: read and comprehend!
Nothing else to be said :)

Will you cry when I am hurt?
and will there be a sigh…

144 more words

A sonnet to Mars and Ares

Turns out I can also put some blog poetry up. Who knew? Scathing criticism always welcome ;-)

Sing, my Muse, of Rage, of terrible War…

100 more words

There Was A Little Girl

There was a little girl called Chechay;
never did she laugh nor did she smile.
She was severe as a rock and
lonely as a tiger. 195 more words



Yes I know, it’s a tad early.

For more haiku visit my Page where (if you want to see my posts) you CAN like, share and comment. 52 more words

PwrPuffGzr Writes

No One’s Child

When did I become no one’s child?

the route home should take 20 minutes; 50 have passed

behind me, school girls with rain soaked raven hair… 18 more words

Creative Writing


Pour me your soul in to this chalice and let me taste freedom

Let me listen to the silence that screams out in you sadness… 224 more words