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Take me away

Day 1 of Fishing – sensorial image challenge with photographer Andrew Fish

Although cliche I have re looked at the worth of life and thought there are two things we need to have great lives. 631 more words




The time on my phone tells me its way too early

A relief though, my dream was crap

Not a nightmare, but no fun either… 114 more words


Tootles, Tiger and I

Tootles the tiger is tall, fuzzy, stripy yellow and black.
A yellow and black bee whizzes by his back.
Calico the cat chases the yellow and black bee. 285 more words



Now what am I supposed to do

After you stripped me to the bone

and left me for the world to see,

After you did the laundry and forgot… 67 more words


Simple Thought.

Forming bonds so patiently,
Right before the time you see,
I cradled well for love you gave,
For withered heart I try to save,
Comfort moves slow with the times, 55 more words

In Full Retreat

Wading chest deep
The wind
Is pressed from my lungs

In the vise 
Of daily squalor 
My ceaseless 
Masculine war

“Take the reins”
Is the mindless refrain… 51 more words