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Amazing Tweets from #HeRose

Here are some of my tweets from yesterday’s #herose @Imisioluwa_

so…”destroy this temple and in 3 days I’ll raise it up” was not an empty threat after all #herose… 558 more words


Writing problems, poem (184/365)

I wrote all this great stuff
But it went in trash
Alas, alas, alas
The critic up here
Echoes strictly
About the past
Alas, alas, alas, 62 more words

365 Art Project

Wishes True

I want to be that couple

that in the heat of an argument

has passionate sex


I want to while we are taxiing home… 88 more words


Greatest person on earth

Greatest person on earth
By: Xavier Peredo

Scholars see you making assignments
See you doing model alignments
See you eating with friends at lunch
See you making an economic hunch

Strangers see you walkimg in malls
See you eating ice cream in halls
See you Putting up dance routines all day
See you jog in your beautiful city's  bay

Friends see you going through problems
See you putting up pictures in instagram which look like gems
See you laugh and smile because of simple gestures from some folks
See you put up and say very very corny jokes

Audience see you dancing in stages
See you go wild with dance steps which rages
See you speak in eloquence in your party meetings
See you stand up as a leader in membership recruitings

But do these people, thoug close or not, see the person you really are? 151 more words

After Brunch




If one should to ask,

The answer will be

That several lifetimes

And six impossible things 

Occurred in this timely window. 






In sync

Fly green-shouldered hawks

as fast as the lightning bolt,

cloudbase passing through.


Thank you very much Ajith for capturing real fascinating photos :)


an italian thing

an italian thing

i wonder if
any one poem
has ever matched
the effect of a shrug

or a rye half smile
or a quick look…

55 more words