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neurosity LXI

By Jax NTP
collarbones and cognitive hazards

what do you know about productive misery?
si tu vois ma mère, you’ll know how to be nervous… 134 more words


It’s All One Thing #38: Welcome to the Analogue Antidote to the Digital Daze

That is days as in “days of our lives”
(and daze as in he was in a daze)
and he went back to whence he came… 274 more words





He realized one day
That he could speak,
But kept it to himself.

Alone in his compound
At the zoo
He had ample time to watch… 74 more words


Why Or What Can't Be

Why or what can’t be the question I ask not now
Just shouldn’t be.

How won’t work
Just couldn’t be.

Therefore I stand still and wait for the force to… 6 more words


Here in Downtown Colorado Springs

9:42 AM MST
2nd Fl.
Downtown Perk Coffeehouse
Tejon St.
(Between Colorado & Pikes Peak)

I’ve just finished my egg and cheese sandwich, to cover up and absorb what I swallowed in the car. 1,463 more words

White Gazelle

She has skin kissed by the sun

And stands like a palm tree

In the shade of a mountain

Shy, faced turned in to the shadows… 7 more words


Daily Vitamin

Daily Vitamin

Gina Myers
I’m sorry for everything. There’s no way
to hold my arm that doesn’t hurt. I’m too busy
to be busy, so let’s do lunch. 63 more words