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Absorbing The Strip

I must return to The Strip again
To absorb the sights and sounds
Neon luminescence floods the eyes
As crowds amble all around

Day and night the neon shines… 105 more words


Poem: "A Little Piece Of Heaven" -Kelz


A Little Piece of Heaven

Your like a little piece of heaven
Noe I’ve never been or seen… 128 more words

Rain's Pop Corn by Blair Gaulton

Rain’s Pop Corn
Rain falls
like pop corn popping.
(C) BJG (Blair Gaulton)Sept 2014

Blair Gaulton

Catching Fall Leaves

Today is rich

with the currency of leaves.

Coins doled out from the Aspens—

its gold lining our path.

We reach this abundance

near a pullout on the… 47 more words

The Road

And I awake in the dreaming fields of salad, meals and memory, the greatest senses being arrival and new hope, though expectation would suffice awhile before turning from granted desires to suffocating immobile comfort. 468 more words


Welsh Writers' Trust Poem of the Month


Remember when Tommo found the library
and fingered out that Blue Peter classic
Petra: A Dog For All Seasons?
That title clung to you like a Kick Me sign… 270 more words


ज़िन्दगी लाती है ऐसे भी चौराहे पर
कोई जवाब नहीं
सिर्फ सवाल ही सवाल
नाखुदा होना भी एक चुनौती होती है
हाँ नाखुदा होना भी अपनी ही पसंद जब
तो कोई क्यूँ किसी को दोष दे
बस लड़ते जाना जिंदगी से
लड़ना खुद से और खुदा से
ज़िन्दगी एक लड़ाई है
लड़ाई ही ज़िन्दगी है

खुद की बातें (Autobiographical)