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After watching a plant grow,
Seeing a bird fly,
Feeling a strong breeze,
And looking at a sunrise.
It’s clear that nature and the universe, 49 more words


Just a Dream

Only a sudden death cut short his dream,

And such an erratic dream it was.

Filled with all sorts of shapes and colors

Found in otherworldly visions. 122 more words

Why Are You Afraid?

Many throughout the world are presently being severely persecuted for their faith in Jesus Christ and for their testimonies for the gospel of Jesus Christ. Numerous saints of God are being martyred because they refuse to deny the name of Jesus Christ, they refuse to bow to the world’s system, and because they will not stop sharing the true gospel of salvation. 723 more words



You are the
first thought to
send my strength
into oblivion,

yet you are the
last thought from
which I wish to
part myself.


Trees cry to the touch of their wind,
Plagues that angels cannot rescind.
Cats are possessed in cahoots with the Bat,
We’re back in business, the battle must start. 105 more words


The Silent Howl of the Winter Wolf

Treading through the ice and snow
Freezing winds and powder white
Chasing after fleeting thoughts
In honesty, I’ve nowhere to go.
This internal void, blacker than night… 143 more words