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Moving On (Or Trying To)

I texted him today

Before I remembered he’s in Mexico for a year

And changed his number

But still seeing that ‘wrong number’ text come back in… 142 more words

Prompt ~ In Autumn

in the autumn
of our years
we’ll spin a bridge
of our memories
to remember
our past.

~ (c) kj

lately i’ve had a habit of giving myself prompts based upon music (titles) that i enjoy, 13 more words

Free Form


Everywhere I go I see Millie,


The click click of little toenails coming down the hall

The deep sighs of our Millie, sound asleep under the bed, 109 more words

Poetry For Living


you wear your ruins 
on your sleeve
they’re filled with 
cobwebs, darkness, and dust 
they devour you
inside their narrow walls
trapping you
and just like a prison,  38 more words

An Ode to Rain

The first one splattered and rolled down.

Followed, the next one with such precision,

That it was hard to say one from another.

Such is the beauty of the droplets of water when it rains. 118 more words


The European Technocrat.

When dead, a European technocrat was sent to Hell in haste

To help the place recuperate from indolence and waste.

He brought with him his iPad and a Power Point of view, 131 more words


we go on saying thank you thank you

A beautiful and necessary reminder from W.S. Merwin.


with the night falling we are saying thank you
we are stopping on the bridges to bow from the railings… 215 more words