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I’ve forgotten about you until I saw your barcode tattoo.



He turned eighteen today.

And, as usual, you had nothing at all to say.

No call, no word, not a single thought

Crossed your mind that maybe you ought… 68 more words


Sometimes It Rains for No Reason

Sometimes it rains for no reason.
No warning – no loud thunder or bright lightening announcing the impending storm.

Sometimes it rains for no reason. 100 more words


Unheard Voice

Sometimes I feel like crying.

My heart is crushed every time I keep my hopes up and watch it fall right in front of me. There’s this tiny voice inside my head telling me “Go ahead, cry. 103 more words


Goodbye Casino

Playing cards

You burned the deck

Ran your hands

Round my neck

I’m sitting on the aces

Lady’s graces

Got a plan

Who doesn’t

Who doesn’t


Characters' Characters

A person who uses, refines and respects the potential of words is called a writer.

A person who is a ninja with words is called an editor. 30 more words


Him to Her

“I wanted to watch you fall into slumber as you rested your head on the table. But he was sitting next to you, doing it instead of me.” — Him to Her