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The matter–what’s … the matter?

Can’t you see?

The light

Holds a candle



Where bottom-feeding

Fish gaze down

But cannot see

Even in the waves… 118 more words



I am one of the pillars

One of our family’s strong foundations

I must not falter, nor succumb

I must stand tall and never fall… 17 more words


Can You Taste It, Yet?

People can complain about it being the cause of all problems.

But frankly, the most annoying thing about ego is that it’s predictable.

Because it uses the moment instead of being in it, it’s really not so super creative. 257 more words


Maritime 11-10-14 D1

She was vessel and port

a place to return to and depart from

the very ship that carried me

lacquered in The Perfois Pink Lip Kit  by Mally… 18 more words



Sparkling facets of frost are scraped from our windshields so we can get a clear view of the road, but do we take time to really inspect the beauty of that frost? 101 more words


Vox Balaenae (Voice of the Whale) - George Crumb‏



we say that birds sing, despite the
fact that it is their ordinary language,
whales, upon our hearing them, seem
also to be singing…
221 more words

In Search Of Beauty

Sit Down, Close Your Eyes, Watch the Movie

It’s a matter of time–your life.

Humans make the most of it through reflection.

That is the one power that differentiates us.

Was the movie good? 287 more words