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Amazing Resource for Young Adoptees: Creating Home

Anyone connected with adoption is aware of the need, value, and scarcity of post-adoption resources, especially for teens and college-age young people. It’s a complicated, vulnerable time for figuring out identity, independence, and values for any adolescent/young adult, and often especially so for adoptees. 351 more words


“There is no exquisite beauty… without some strangeness in the proportion.” ~ Edgar Allan Poe

Never managed to get together a Two for Tuesday post, but here, have some awesome E. A. Poe:

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Ghostly Edgar Allan Poe Statue is Coming to Boston…

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Bill Richardson

I was very sorry to learn of the passing of writer Bill Richardson of Santa Barbara. I met Bill several years ago in a Montecito coffeehouse and had some opportunities to talk with him. 159 more words

Poets And Writers

between strangers on a train: sandalwood and wintergreen

The scent of you is wintergreen and sandalwood and when you jar me and my coffee–bitter nutty black–sloshes over and bubbles on the lid I feel it, your scent, caress my face an eternity before I hear your words. 203 more words

Creative Writing

Why it's good to write when you're busy: Part II

I wrote Part I (not knowing it would have a Part II) in February of 2013. Meaning, I’ve been f-ing busy for over a year. A… 1,192 more words

Writing Process

Poets and Writers website

So, I think my favorite part of it by far is looking at the residencies of pw.org. It’s a really cool site that has everything else from writing prompts, connecting with other writers, or funding for your own events. 137 more words

Princess Parade

Glittery confetti swirled around the float. Pinks and Purples decorated the makeshift castle. Rachel Miller held the railing tighter just hoping–wishing–believing she would see a real-life princess. 693 more words