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Rain Clouds

You took me up the hill
and laid me down under the clouds
big, round, and puffy white.
this hill overlooked our little town
the bustling roads under stop lights… 162 more words

Bruised Bananas

Why is it that the bruised ones are best?
The ones with the scars and age-
they taste better than the fresh ones.
It is like they have been through so much: 57 more words

The Little Things

It is hard to imagine a life…
without those stinky socks,
you know the ones.
Those socks you leave on the floor
by the bed, before we… 51 more words


can you feel it now,
the magic that surrounds you
it has opened up its soul
to let us gaze within
it has slept for far too long… 36 more words



vast dangerous, angry tumultuous seas, raging against the shore
the venom in your seething form, the danger in your roar
the battered rock is groaning now, the sound of splintering fear… 22 more words


How To Self-Destruct

I wait

for my wounds

to heal

before I

break them

open again.