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Poem #13.... Voices (Daily Poems-NPM)

Her shoulders slump in resigned defeat
As the whispers faintly tickle her ear.
The constant whispers-
All in a monotone resonance
Shred at her soul reminding her… 72 more words


There is no simple way

The laces of your shoes
Were intertwined
Like sentences under
Cathedral steps;
A god we waited for
so long,
When the Jordan River
in my eyes… 12 more words


Urban Bestiary by Lynda Lynn Haupt

It is time for a new bestiary, one that engages our desire to understand the creatures surrounding our urban homes, helps us locate ourselves in nature, and suggests a response to this knowledge that will benefit both ourselves and the more-than-human world.

232 more words


There is an excess
Paralyzing or zooming
Where writing takes the wheel
And I am convinced
That we have drawn soul maps
Composed from the depth… 83 more words


Black History 365, National Poetry Month edition: Haki R. Madhubuti

Since there are so many facets of the history that people of African descent have made in this country, I’ve decided to continue my “Black History 365″ series… 581 more words

African American

where nothing created is wasted

An arresting poem from the Chickasaw novelist, essayist, and environmentalist Linda Hogan.


How something is made flesh

no one can say. The buffalo soup… 145 more words


Stephen Emmerson presents...Poetry Wholes

Poet Stephen Emmerson has worked with if p then q to create the incredible Poetry Wholes. Currently there are just 7 copies. That’s right 7 copies priced at £15 each. 279 more words

If P Then Q