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Business is Business!

There is this Young Woman,
a Vendor at store,
Still young at heart,
aged sixty-four.

She Is sixty-four,
if not a day more,
and shuffles her wares… 234 more words

Poetry - The Stuff Of Life


the asylum is emptying
the cage doors
creak rusty and part
releasing her
into the sleeping masses
wake up, wake up, wake up
she steels herself… 94 more words

Push To The Side (excerpt) Free Form

I’m sick of being pushed to the side

Disposed of

Like old batteries in a remote

Or put on the back burner

Lied to about politics… 65 more words

Open Mic

Waiting for My Bus by Stephen McGuinness (I Am Waiting Poetry Series)

by Stephen McGuinness

The Christmas lights
are up in the city
and the pavement is glittering.
All seems well in that world. 209 more words


Venetian Wonder by Massimo Soranzio (I Am Waiting Poetry Series)

by Massimo Soranzio

Standing here by the Canal,
Dull and greyish, more than grand,
I am waiting for winter
To come on the vaporìn, 305 more words


hectic (poem)

is so metric
what a word…
so nectic?
just writing along
singing a good song
or maybe just hitting the wrong
anyways just my ways… 18 more words

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