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There is a wellspring that never runs dry,
where magical words overflow
to fill the dark crevices of my heart
with the poetry I long to express. 60 more words


Cuchulainn's lament

A sudden thrust: the scraping sound of steel
Against the bone, careering from the blow
His balance lost, staggering as he kneels
Upon the earth, he tries to staunch the flow. 82 more words


The secret place

Take me to your place
of catacombs and such,
where the darkness makes the night seem day
and whispers turn to screams

Take me to your place… 103 more words


Push comes to shove and swinging
Falling back on the blood-tainted sheets
Arms wide open above the brave body
A red ribbon to cover the vision seeds… 214 more words



We are judged by the company we keep. Fortunately I’ve been surrounded by a pretty good crowd. My friends, even more than my family, have defined me. 368 more words


Take a larg part of my heart
leve erthaly world
kepe in my eyes
love me dearley and don’t stop
how wind whin come
our dream not fly… 31 more words