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A Date in the Park is no walk in the park

A Date in the Park is out to surprise you, whether it is through its digitalized 1990s visuals and animated sprites, the brazen stride forward it takes to leave you in the dark when it comes to translating Portuguese, or its twisted, tragic tale of love at first sight. 746 more words


There is no story in The Tiny Bang Story

I think I ended up getting The Tiny Bang Story in one of the first Steam sales I ever participated in, grabbing it because it was über inexpensive and had a fantastic, whimsical art style, … 775 more words


Five Nights at Freddy's - Review

(Reviewed on iPad)

 Bear Thrills

Five Nights at Freddy’s is one of the most frightening and intense games that I’ve had the joy/horror of playing in recent years, yet it’s also one of the most hilarious. 5,826 more words


Gods Will Be Watching

Gods Will Be Watching is not your standard point-and-click adventure. While the game can definitely be tossed into this general category, the focus is on strategic management rather than puzzle solving.  281 more words


Thimbleweed Park Set To Be A Comedic Psychological Crime Thriller

In a recent interview with IndieGames.com Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick (the famed creators of Maniac Mansion) opened up about their new creative venture, Thimblweed Park. 427 more words

Retro Gaming

Pajama Sam: A Life-time of Inspiration

It has been said in recent years that Video-games have succeeded in becoming art, and have become much more cinematic than their early counterparts. And so it should be no great change of pace that I talk about a few video-games here on the Cinema Warehouse. 1,159 more words

Animated And Underrated

Ridding a lambent tree of every evil, parasitic creature

Originally, despite having owned a copy of Botanicula for a good while now, I was planning to experience it firsthand raw, in the flesh, during my… 714 more words