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Guilty Reread-a-thon: a return to Point Horror

When I was a tiny, little thing,¬†not long having entered the five-year soul crushing machine that was secondary school, I discovered the school library. I hadn’t avoided it for any particular reason, I just kept my lunchtimes outside. 692 more words


Her library card and the books she checked out and needed to return became her best means of escape.

Welcome to my YA Thriller Megamix Summer! All Summer I will be barely reviewing the works of authors on the Point Horror & Point Thriller imprints and they will come with mixtapes, if you wished to create a sixty minute  cassette tape of these tunes you totally could, as long as you have the songs and a double cassette deck. 269 more words

Guinea Pigs

Followers by Anna Davies

I had high hopes for this novel but quickly realized with how short it was that it was reminiscent of R.L. Stine’s Fear Street novels. It starts out pretty decent, the characters and are interesting, as is the plot, but the action all happens at once and is kinda cut short without the proper build up and resolution that it deserves. 62 more words