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A Seaside Getaway

For the weekend before school started, Anna and I decided to take our adventures all around Northern California. We had a discussion about how we plan to “exhaust” all of Northern California’s beauty before moving across the compass.  143 more words


Close Encounter with a Young Deer

This gorgeous, young deer let me get pretty close while hiking at Point Lobos in Monterey, California last August.  I’ve encountered quite a few deer on the Monterey Peninsula over the years including… 48 more words


Old Building at Point Lobos

Although it’s a two hour drive from San Francisco, Point Lobos is one of my favorite places to hike, and I’m always so excited when a trip to California allows me to go out of my way to visit… 35 more words


Do Not Disturb: Harbor Seal at Rest

When not actively feeding, harbor seals will “haul out” onto rocks or shore to rest.  Onshore time is important to the seal’s well being, and they can be reluctant to haul out if humans are nearby.   35 more words


Waves and Shutter Speed

The strong contrasts of the sky, water, and rocks made interesting black and white studies, particularly as I played with shooting the waves at different speeds. 58 more words

High Surf Day at Point Lobos

Point Lobos is one of my favorite California state parks, and every time I go there’s something new happening with the water, plants, or wildlife. This was my first visit on a high surf day, and itt was incredible seeing the waves breaking over 20-foot cliffs, and the surges of water on the beaches.