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Changing your point of view to tell a more compelling story

For years I’ve wanted to write an algorithm that would predict whether a story is emotionally compelling or not. This would be a major breakthrough for natural language processing. 1,080 more words

GlobalGiving Storytelling Project

Thoughts on the 'Pharrell - Happy British Muslims' Video

Goodness gracious! I know how cheesy it is.

But it’s real.

I get tired of the fact that nothing like this has been done before. And now it has been done I feel almost relieved. 426 more words

British Muslims

Palmyra, Syria (2011)

Palmyra was an ancient city ruin that was located in Syria. the ruin was known as the largest known city ruins ever in history. the ROman ruins of Palmyra is one of the must-go and see travel destinations for those who prefer a historical site in a tourist friendly and good people. 106 more words

Point Of View

And You May Ask Yourself...Well, How did I Get Here?

Let me share a little story with you. It’s a little embarrassing but I try to be honest on my blog. I don’t consider myself a superior writer – I’m still learning. 598 more words

On Class & Evolution:

One thing that alot of people (especially Black Americans) have to accept about society is the truth about class & rejection; which can be protection. I have many friends (growing up & collegiate) who were from working class families, first generation in all aspects who didn’t understand why they were being rejected on social levels or why some of my piers smiled in their faces & judged them behind their backs based upon factors they couldn’t control. 154 more words

Point Of View

An Inadequate System

He sat there, always looking out of a small round window
That could easily be a reflection of his tragic mind
Since the day he knew he’d been left on his own… 166 more words


Friday Goings On

I skipped my normal Wednesday post. I’m still ahead of my master plan, but I just wasn’t feeling it on Wednesday. I told everyone I write in fits and starts. 543 more words