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China Changed me #3 - Self esteem.

Here’s a graph of my self-esteem level trough years:

Ignoring the drop around when I was four years old upon realizing that no princess had a fringe but I did, I think the real deal is how hig it was last year. 818 more words



At a very early age I learned that the world was not always a nice place, and that anyone, is capable of any thing ,at any given time. 387 more words

Point Of View

Game of Thrones wish list chapters

I started re-reading Game of Thrones, and while most characters I have missed terribly, there are also some that I have not missed. While reading their chapters, I’ve been reminded how weary some of them can be (Catelyn Stark, don’t pretend I’m not talking about you). 358 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge ~ "Angular"

In looking back over some of my favorite “angular” shots, I realized that some of my favorite photos in this category were taken during hospital stays.   454 more words



                                                                  Art by Bronia Sawyer

A breath of air. Giving me life every time I inhale and exhale. So essential… and you took mine away.

A Matter of Perspective IV

I just have to say, social media marketing is exhausting. Pardon, I’ve been researching this for work. I have come to the conclusion that marketing for writers can turn into the equivalent of extra-curricular activities for homeschoolers; so consuming there is no time for the business of learning, or in this case, writing. 604 more words