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The best gifts are made with love.

This weekend my favorite cousin and I finally reunited after a significant drought (3 months of separation- the struggle was real!) and she gave me some belated birthday presents, one of which left me completely speechless.   134 more words


She's on pointe

My little sister doing what she loves.


Dance Will be the DEATH of me...

You know what? Forget boys, and boy bands, and love. Let’s do dance instead. What really will kill us will be living in our pointe shoes 24/7. 224 more words

Secrets in Pointe Shoes

By Amy XU

“Roughly treat a pair of pointe shoes before they torture you”. For ballerinas, they usually do some tailor work to let the pointe shoes fit feet better. 25 more words

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My First Pointe Shoe Fitting

On September 4, 2013 my ballet instructor handed me a letter stating that I would be allowed to go on pointe.  For anyone reading this who doesn’t know much about ballet, getting your first pointe shoes is a big deal. 235 more words



this is my locker at ballet. every day, I open the door and am greeted with the familiar smell of wood, sweat and hairspray. I always keep at least two pairs of pointe shoes in there, so I can alternate shoes in order to keep them both alive. 166 more words

Ballet (2013)

Flashback to a time when we lived in bodysuits and tights, lunches were eaten on the fly mid-rehearsal, and rosin stuck to everything. We beat the hell out of our pointe shoes year after year, and Saturdays were spent teaching tiny tots before sweating it out in pilates, masterclass, Nutcracker rehearsals, and perhaps some yoga thrown in somewhere if we weren’t already dead. 118 more words

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