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Ripping off Seurat

Lake Shore Drive, my current animation project, features a scene in which my characters are inside the Art Institute of Chicago, and they are contemplating the famous Seurat painting  674 more words


Week 18 of 52 (pointillism)

Pointillism is a technique in painting in which small, distinct dots of color are applied in patterns to form an image. I created this tribute to 9/11 using acrylic paint and two round paint brushes, of small and medium sizes. 91 more words


Fount of Ideas

So, after hitting walls and breaking through and all that, I finally found an idea that I could latch on to – the word dichotomy came to mind. 182 more words


Impressionistic influences

Hi there!

I recently came across some of Anna Bocek’s art. She is a polish artist who paints figurative portraits. All vibrant end energetic, they perfectly depict the individual’s emotions. 66 more words


Experimenting with dots

Having quite some fun with dotwork/pointillism recently. Lots of work, but looks pretty cool when it’s done :)

2014 - Mont St. Michel

My favorite out-of-Paris excursion was our trip to Mont St. Michel.  We had a wonderful tour of this cathedral on a lonely rock then we ran over quick sand on the infinite gray mud that surrounds it. 19 more words