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Fevers Pass

It’s strange to think that now I find

that I can get you off my mind.

I was in a fever, feeling dizzy.

Now I’m keeping myself busy. 80 more words


Eyes and Mask

October 15, 2014

Ink in moleskine notebook 66 more words


Details of Maquette(s)

Click on the pictures to zoom!!!

This is much closer from how it looks like, but still far from it… :)


Tuesday Trio / pARTicles in a greater organism

All we art establishes something quite clearly: we are all art. This redundant statement has yet to be examined with more care, dissecting the words and looking at the stem cells of their meaning, to truly go back to the full significance of what… 672 more words


The Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower completed by Georges Seurat in 1889

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Different Types of Water

How do I fight for someone so removed from me?

Everyday I am immersed in you and you are free.

I loved you then and didn’t know, 43 more words


Pointillism - Picnic

March 2014 I just looked at this piece again and realized that it could in theory be a continuation on Impressionism. The wooden planks are intended to be a picnic table but could in theory be part of a deck or bridge. 311 more words