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"She's a modern girl....."

There’s a line in ‘Private Lives’ by Noel Coward where a character exclaims, “Extraordinary how potent cheap music is.”. As one would expect from the master, as an observation, it’s bang on. 586 more words




After a rousing start to the week with a bit of girly shopping, things have ground to a halt a bit in the last few days. 325 more words


Mine's a ginger beer

It’s Saturday and we’re taking a break from the world of showbiz and music for this weekends leisure interest related post. I’m not what you would call a discerning reader – mostly, I rattle through the usual blokeish mix of murder and gung-ho adventure stories which often seem to involve a chap called Jack Reacher. 670 more words


The only way isn't Essex

Spoiler Alert! This post has nothing to do with frocks, make-up or hair. It’s just one of those whinging, get it off my chest type posts which I occasionally feel the need to write. 394 more words

Pointless Nostalgia

Yours is no disgrace.....

Frankly, ‘Great Crossdressers in Showbiz”, the theme of recent weekend posts, was never going to be a long runner –  I’m now down to a couple of drafts on Mrs Brown and Wee Jimmy Krankie, both of which need polishing to satisfy both myself and any of m’learned friends who may stray onto this blog.  313 more words