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The Creative Mind Is Like A Muscle

I have changed the title of this post maybe a dozen times now. I have no idea what exactly this post is going to be about, so the development of this post will be a surprise. 298 more words

7.125 Billion Libraries

The other day, my English teacher, whom I find totally disagreeable, said something totally agreeable and it stood out to me. She said,

“When an old person dies, an entire library is destroyed.” -Lisa Lozano…

631 more words

Urban Problems

Our house has a rat. Over Christmas it has burrowed through the floor in our downstairs bathroom to the outside, my house-mate immediately went out and bought some traps. 218 more words


so many wonderful, talented people in this fandom

so i’m having some crises with my sexuality??

i think i might be autochorissexual but im not even sure that definition fits what i do and dont like/do and dont enjoy… 36 more words

So apparently I'm in my friend's college writer's club now. Whoops.

(( It will be fun, he said. Just do it, he said. No one will know it’s you, he said. It can be anonymous, he said.  197 more words