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A New Breed of Otakus

This new breed is a crazy time-wasting sort of anime loving public. This segment wastes a major part of their online time in useless activities. A major part of internet time is a substantial slice of one’s daily life. 1,892 more words


- Rage and stuff-

<rant> I’m so fucking irritated and everything sucks and Why can’t the cool things I try to do actually work out instead of turning into a huge fucking pain in the ass. 121 more words

Is it tea you're looking for? (Teavana review)

Hello? I love a good tea-related pun, this one courtesy of Lionel.

Segway goes here…so as I’ve become even more addicted to all things British, Sherlock, Prince George, and beautiful Kate and Pippa being just a few of my favorites, I find myself drinking tea on a daily basis. 841 more words


REVIEW: A Game of Cat and Mouse

Few things are as seemingly pointless in games as waiting. Be it a loading screen, cut scene or other ghastly obstacle denying a player their chance to directly affect a gameworld, start buttons will be hammered, keys mashed and mouse buttons clicked within inches of their lifespan as the fragility of a captive audience’s attention span is tested. 251 more words


5 Pointless Social Media Campaigns

Social media, without a doubt, can incite real and powerful change. From starting revolutionary democratic movements around the world to educating people about real issues, the past few years have been testaments to the power of websites like Twitter and Facebook. 223 more words


Mara's letters.

Woke up late this morning, got a tonne of work to do and I’ve got to go and buy Easter eggs before my folks get back tomorrow. 299 more words



I let the
rectangular white papered
tea bag with a
white string
stapled on the top
seep in the
boiled water
in a black round… 212 more words