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                               "It's impossible!" said Pride.
                             "It's risky..." said Experience.
                               "It's pointless." said Reason. "Just give it a try" whispered the Heart :)
My Fkn Feelings

pointless message to no body you will know but somebody who exists with appalling punctuation.

i miss you so bad i know you’re going to wake up and be mad as fuck at me but i love you you’re my little puppy and i want to give you kisses everywhere and tell you how cute you are and hug you and and play with your hair and trace things on your skin and bite you and play with you and just. 186 more words

Stories That Our Mothers Tell

My mother is a storyteller. Not a writer, just a storyteller. She likes making people laugh by telling funny stories, but the stories she has to tell aren’t that funny. 551 more words

Just Life

How one pointless thing led to another...

I saw a noticeboard that had a notice on it which said:

“No notices to be put on this noticeboard”.

This raised some important metaphysical questions for me – but I’ll spare you those in case you want to get to sleep tonight. 241 more words

A Love Died; Love's Lie

If you knew how hurt my heart has been
Would you be so brave to hold it as your own;
Could you accept your bruising of it furthermore… 128 more words


The Sound of Silence

It would seem there is no winning. I feel angry at being betrayed. I know I can’t go back to the friendship once had. But still I miss you. 198 more words

Random Thoughts And Feelings