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Home Alone

Last Thursday, my parents and two bros went to Malacca for my elder brother’s convocation, and the sad part of it.. i cannot join them because im sitting for my trial exam and spm is just gettin nearer. 342 more words


It's Gonna Be a Thing

There are a lot of changes going on. Summer turning to Fall, Netflix adding a bunch of new content, even more bugs crawling their creepy way into my apartment. 32 more words


My Guilty Pleasure Artists

I don’t like necesarrily talking about this kind of things so publicly because it feels hypocritical. I don’t like mainstream things but you know when something is either really good, or really catchy and it just stays on it’s own? 1,273 more words


It's Monday.

It bothers me how some calendars put Sunday at the start of the week.

I don’t get it. If it is the ‘day of rest’ why would you start your week with it? 76 more words

Things That Have Fallen Out Of My Brain

Eggheads: EXCLUSIVE Interview with new Egghead Lisa Thiel

When I was a wee tyke of a lad, and gangs of miscreants yelled ‘egghead’ at me on the playground, the connotations of their cries were largely negative. 1,472 more words

Rant, rant, rant.

Why is it so hard to start something new? Like my life, for example. Lost a home, got another one with a father that was never a father – in the beginning he was, but then he changed for the worse -, telling me every time he comes home back from work something i didn’t do right.   183 more words

What is the deal with 'unboxing' Youtube videos?

This has always been something that has niggled me, the absurd need for some people to video themselves ‘unboxing’ their newly purchased product and uploading them onto Youtube. 430 more words