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Meaning is a cage.

Why am I here? Does this have a point? Should I be doing something more important? These questions and others like them seem to define the human race. 206 more words

Thinking of What the Future Holds (If Anything)

It’s venting time.

I feel so insignificant. I know that’s probably a very invalid feeling to have right now, especially because there are many people out there who find me a worthy person, but I just can’t help it. 469 more words


Re-Blog: What is the Purpose of Prayer if God Loves Us?

If God is all-knowing and all-powerful, expressing our thoughts and hopes is pointless.  However, if prayer is used as a tool for finding our own understandings, it can be useful!



Some should be left behind

So I have been watching catch up tv, currently watching “Excluded:Kicked out of School” and think to myself, what is wrong with these kids. They have a problem with everyone and everything. 399 more words


It's easy being stupid.

Today I find we live in a world where it’s easier to be stupid than smart. Not in the sense that you may think I mean. 331 more words


Because I had nothing else to do

Between building a “power point display” using an easel and printed out images, and panicking about the upcoming workshop, I decided to do this.

I’d love to turn this into promo cards, but it might be too trippy. 122 more words