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Unified Field Theory of Pointless Moodiness

Trying to relieve stress with logic is like trying to put out a fire by explaining water to it. Yet here I am, thinking my way into happiness. 1,097 more words

An Authors Life

I am doing okay. I think.

Today is thanksgiving, so I guess I should probably say that I’m thankful for my life,  my education, and my recent boost of wisdom.
So a lot has changed since my last update. 464 more words


Sometimes man…


but yep.

positivity sucks at times, no? or is that the negativity screaming at you?

fdhueifnervn r

i’m thankful though..

not thankful enough though. 48 more words


Oh, Meg Leigh

I was a weird kid.

Spent a lot of time on PointlessSites, got really excited when I realized that the person I was talking  to on Neopets was in a whole different state (!). 260 more words

To gay, or not to gay; it's all stupid

Why is it that a gay man man can make all the sexual jokes about gay sex he wants, in reference to a man, that a straight man cannot make in reference to a woman? 240 more words

It's All About Me

#335 Pointless

Sometimes we hold on to something we know is pointless because we fear that we may not find something better than what we let go.

What's the point?

At some point or another, every teenager asks themselves this question. What’s the point? The crazy thing about this is that in most cases, we already know the answer. 220 more words