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Tis the season.

Well it’s that time of year again.

The time of year where I can’t be arsed with work, or many people. The time of year I just wana relax and have me time to unwind. 163 more words

Stupid Pointless Post #298312903


Had about 17 tabs open in each of 3 different Firefox windows (I’m sorry, shitty computer, I swear I’ll upgrade you someday), so this song was playing on Grooveshark radio while some crappy video talking about Facebook photo privacy started autoplaying.  19 more words


Written Off of a Jane Austen High

Sometimes I wish I was born in a different era, at a different time. Sometimes it’s stifling—this life. There are times when I can’t quiet suppress that quiet, disappointed voice asking, “Is this it?” 601 more words

Nothing Really

Subliminal Scribble 145

There is very little

point in trying

to convince

those who have already

made up their minds.



This is a caffeine fueled blog. It’s aimless and pointless, genuinely. I’m only writing because it’s late and I can’t sleep as I’m buzzing on the stuff now. 1,137 more words


Sometimes I think Social Networking sites should have an IQ test to signup

I cant believe I’m seeing a lot of stupidity in the internet today. Even my facebook is being infiltrated! I believe its so destructive that stupid people has access to powerful devices like a computer and make use of the internet. 87 more words

WORD OF THE DAY: Dunning-Kruger Effect

-people unskilled in particular disciplines will often overestimate their knowledge and abilities in said disciplines because they dont even know how little they know 6 more words